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TESOL Interview Questions

TESOL-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languagesline
Interview Questions Typically Ask to International Students Who Want to Teach English to Others Abroad.

  •     Tell us about yourself.
  •     What have been your strengths and weaknesses as an undergraduate student?
  •     State three strengths that you have and why you consider them strengths.
  •     What would one of your undergraduate professors say about you as a student?
  •     How has your undergraduate background prepared you for this school?
  •     What courses have you enjoyed the most?
  •     What courses have you enjoyed the least and why?
  •     Why do you think you would make a good teacher?
  •     How did your student internship experience prepare you for the classroom?
  •     Do you think you have anything else to learn?
  •     Why should we consider you for our program instead of several other equally qualified candidates?
  •     Please introduce yourself stating your Name, Age, Nationality, Academic Background.
  •     Please explain WHY you want to come to Korea to teach English.
  •     Please describe your skills and abilities you have that are relevant to teaching.
  •     Please describe your Personality that should help you become an excellent teacher
  •     What do you think of the most important characteristic that a good teacher has to possess?
  •     What kind of students do you like to work with? What type of students do you think that you could teach most effectively?
  •     There are many different levels of English in each class. How will you solve these varying abilities?
  •     How would you help students feel they have been successful and would you motivate them?
  •     How are you going to motivate/encourage students especially who are withdrawn or who are very new to English?
  •     The students in your class are complaining about the homework you assigned. What would you do if anything is this situation?
  •     Your class’s grade average is well below average. How can you deal with the problem?
  •     What quality or qualities do you have that may help teach a class? and why?
  •     Tell me about a teacher who have most influenced you in a positive way.
  •     Tell me about a voluntary or community service project that you did during college.
  •     Who do you respect the most? Why?
  •     Could you describe the most rewarding class of your life?
  •     Do you have any hobbies or activities that help you reduce stress?
  •     Do you have a plan as to where you will be 5 years from now?
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