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On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)

What is On-Campus Recruiting?

The Career Center at Salisbury University offers students the opportunity to interview for internship and full-time positions with a variety of employers from business, industry and government.

Who recruits at Salisbury University?

Various national, regional and local employers recruit through OCI. Professional positions include, but are not limited to, accounting, banking, consulting, financial services, insurance, management, retail, sales, technical, social services, education, health careers, etc.

Who is eligible to interview on-campus?

All degree seeking Salisbury University students that meet the criteria set forth by the employer conducting the interviews. You must read each job/internship description to determine if you meet those requirements. Some requirements include class status, major, gpa, etc.

When should I begin to interview for full-time positions?

Interviews occur during the Fall and Spring semester only. Some employers participate only once a year, others will visit campus during both fall and spring semester. If you are seeking full-time positions, maximize your opportunities to interview by participating in OCR early in the first semester of your senior year.

How do I start interviewing and what do I do?

The only requirements are that you are an SU student and are of the required class status. You can start the on-campus interviewing process as soon as you complete the following steps.

  • Access your Career Connections (click here to login) account and complete the profile. 
  • Upload at least one resume
  • Go to the "Calendar" option and then click on "Calendar Search." Click on "By Event Type" and then "Interview Schedule."
  • Locate the interview schedule you like and click on the job title-not the employer.
  • You will then read a description of the job and at the bottom of the page you will see an "Apply" link. If you do not have a resume uploaded you will not have this link.
  • Submit your resume to the position you choose. Some interviews will be "Open" which means "first come first serve" and you will be able to select a time slot at the time you apply. Some interviews are "PreScreen" which means the employer looks at your resume to determine whether they give you an interview time slot. You are notified by email if you are or are not selected.
  • Your interview applications are recorded for you under the link "Applications"

*Make sure you dress appropriately for the interview. Click here for dress requirements.

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