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Second Year Students

Here are learning activities that you can participate in during your sophomore year that will serve you well as you develop you upcoming career:

  • Top 10 Career Strategies for Freshmen and Sophomores
  • Cement your major and (possibly) a minor.  Sometimes it helps to take a self assessment, an interest test that will help you decide what major to pursue.
  • Know what majors are available at SU and what you can do with a degree in...
  • Talk to your faculty advisor about your major selection or make an appointment with the Career Services Staff
  • Join clubs and activities on-campus.  This is especially helpful if a club relates to a specific occupation you may want to pursue.
  • Continue your Volunteer work.  It is a great way to gain Career-related experience.
  • Work on-campus to earn extra money.
  • think about studying abroad in the next few semesters.  Only 3% of American students study abroad and by so doing it will really help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn what skills and abilities you must possess when you graduate from college to be successful.  All employers want these from their employees, no matter what the major.
  • Students often, inadvertently, hurt their future careers.  Dangers lurk - Beware!  Know them before it is too late.
  • The time to begin is NOW.  Career Services stands ready to help you.  Come into our office in GUC 133 anytime.

Freshmen & Sophomore Career Planning Guide e-magazine, sponsored by JobPostings Magazine. 

Click to get a list of activities you will need to do to ensure your career success as Junior and Senior.

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