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Sports-Related Careers

Sports Marketing Careers:

Typical Jobs include:

Account Coordinator Jobs: This is the most entry level position within sports sponsorship sales. The account coordinator is typically responsible for researching and prospecting sales leads.

Sports Marketing Account Executive: At the account executive level, one is responsible for the servicing of existing clients as well as pursuing and securing new sponsors. Like an account coordinator, an AE wears many hats and must be able to multi-task efficiently.

Sports Marketing Account Manager: The sports marketing account manager or director has less in the way of day-to-day responsibilities associated with execution and is more focused on new business development and relationship building. The majority of this person's time is spent managing the relationships between the organization and the various sponsors.

VP of Business Development: In many organizations, the VP of Business Development is also the head of marketing. This person wears many hats, overseeing all marketing efforts from game day promotions and grassroots efforts, to branding campaigns and regional media.

College Careers:

Athletic Director Jobs: The university Athletic Director (AD) is the lead administrator in the athletic department and supervises an administrative, coaching and support staff that varies significantly depending on the institutions athletic budget.

Athletic / Physical Education Department Chair: The administrator in charge of campus education in fitness, sports science and teacher education for physical fitness is responsible for providing vision and oversight for the university’s physical education department, intramural program, clubs, recreation and equipment rental programs and fitness and physical conditioning and wellness programs.

Associate Athletic Director for Compliance Jobs: This position of Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance at the NCAA level usually reports to the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Administration and Program Integrity and is responsible for the administration of the compliance unit within the Department of Athletics.

Equipment Manager Jobs: The equipment manager procures, directs, and coordinates a variety of duties dealing with the purchasing, distribution, and maintenance of athletic equipment and uniforms to all student athletes for all college athletic programs.

Associate Athletic Director for Business Services Jobs: Someone in the role of Associate Athletics Director for Business Services typically will develop, present, and report on budgets and all it’s components, works collaboratively with the athletics director, team coaches, and department staff to ensure the budget meets programmatic objectives.

Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and Grounds Jobs: The position of Assistant Athletics Director for Facilities and Grounds is responsible for coordinating the administration, management, and direction of all games and events hosted by the athletics department.

Associate Athletic Director for Marketing: Associate Athletic Directors in charge of Marketing and Promotions should possess strong interpersonal, oral, written, and computer skills and be able to demonstrated ability to work successfully with students, faculty, community, and media.

Sports Information Director Jobs: The Director for Sports Media is often known as a Sports Information Director at smaller institutions or even the Associate Athletic Director for Communications.

Director of Development: The Director of Development is responsible for developing, proposing, implementing, and overseeing a comprehensive fund development program in support of the university’s intercollegiate athletics program. These are just some of the positions detailed in the athletics administration jobs section of SportsCareerFinder

Pro Sports Team Jobs:

Marketing Director Jobs: Marketing directors develop the firm’s marketing strategy in detail. With the help of marketing assistants and market research personnel, they estimate demand and create a brand image for the team.

Team Marketing / Promotions Assistant Jobs: The Marketing Assistant is responsible for assisting in the development and for taking primary responsibility for the execution of marketing initiatives. These employees direct promotional programs that combine advertising with purchase incentives to increase sales for sponsor companies.

In-Game Marketing Coordinator Jobs: In-game marketing coordinators are tasked with making sure the stadium or arena entertainment runs smoothly.

Director of Sponsorships and Business Development Jobs: Charged with overseeing the sales and account management staff and work with the VP on strategies for targeting companies within different categories. Directors also work with the league office to keep up to date on open categories that the team is allowed to sell sponsorships in.

Sponsorships Sales Executive Jobs: Some responsibilities for sponsorship salespeople include: identify local, regional, and national companies as potential sponsors and/or corporate hospitality customers by reviewing lists, research and networking.

Sponsorships Account Manager Jobs: The Business Development Account Manager is responsible for managing the relationships with corporate sponsorship partners, and implementation of all contractual elements, including radio, signage, publications, in-arena and retail promotions, community programs, events and hospitality.

Director of Community Relations Jobs: Their main job function is to motivate people in the media to run stories that show their team in a positive light.

Ticket Sales Director Jobs: Ticket sales directors were often the most successful ticket sales account executives or suite/group sales executives. They worked their way into directorial positions through hard work on the front end proving their selling abilities.

Ticket Sales Account Executive Jobs: Ticket sales account executive is a great position for someone that wants to break into the field and has little experience with marketing, branding or sponsorships.

Scout Jobs: Professional scouts evaluate the skills of athletes to determine talent and potential. As a sports team’s eyes and ears, the scout’s primary role is to find top athletic candidates for the team he or she represents.

Group and Suites Sales Account Executive Jobs: Stadium suite/group ticket sales account executives are responsible for generating and increasing revenue through the sale of group outings (suites and club seating) to games through relationships using a current and prospective organization base.

*These are just some of the positions detailed in the professional sports team jobs section ofSportsCareerFinder. As a member you have access to more detailed descriptions, which include pay information and educational requirements.


Pro Sports League Jobs:

Marketing Manager Jobs: Marketing managers develop the league’s detailed marketing strategies. With the help of marketing assistants and market research personnel, they estimate demand and create a brand image for the league, much like their counterparts at the team level.

Marketing Coordinator Jobs: The league's marketing coordinator is responsible for assisting the marketing manager in the development of marketing strategy and for taking primary responsibility for the execution of marketing initiatives.

Sponsorships Sales Manager Jobs: Responsible for developing strategic alliances with all corporate partners making sure they are fully integrated, long-term and focused on the unique objectives and priorities of each individual partner.

Sponsorships Services Account Manager Jobs: Responsible for managing relationships with corporate sponsorship partners, and implementation of all contractual elements, including radio, signage, publications, in-arena and retail promotions, community programs, events and hospitality.

Accounting and Finance Jobs: Responsible for dealing with with cash flows, assets, liabilities, revenue, and general accounting. Some of the key areas dealt with on the league level are sponsorship dollars; CBA information and salary cap / raw salary data, depreciation and amortization of the stadium and/or the teams purchase price, television revenue and league revenue sharing dollars coming from the teams.

Sports Legal Counselor Jobs: Deal with contract issues related to all aspects of league operations, from sponsorship to marketing to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and revenue sharing.

Public Relations Jobs: PR managers are tasked with a wide variety of jobs, from writing all press releases to updating website news, to normal publicity efforts for pre-, during- and post- season as well as during off-season events. PR managers also act as media liaison between league and local, national and international media, as well as point of contact for all broadcast outlets.

Operations Manager Jobs: Deal with the day-to-day operations of the sports league, including; fining players for detrimental conduct, hiring and firing umpires, referees and other event officials and creating and managing league policy.

Database and Website Management Jobs: If you're a database manager, networking guru, or web developer then there's a job waiting at a professional sports league.

*These are just some of the positions detailed in the professional sports league jobs section of SportsCareerFinder. As a member you have access to more detailed descriptions, which include pay information and educational requirements.


Health and Fitness Careers:

Clinical Exercise Specialist Jobs: Clinical exercise specialists work with special populations such as severely injured athletes, extremely obese, or elderly.

Physical Therapist Jobs: Physical therapists examine patient medical histories and then test and measure the patients’ strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration, and motor function.

Sport Specific Trainer Jobs: These trainers run elite athletes through plyometric and balance exercises to enhance there speed and agility with respect to their sport.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Jobs: Develop year-around strength and conditioning programs for student-athletes, if at the college level, as well as determining appropriate sports-specific regimens, dietary needs, and overseeing weight training facilities..

Athletic Trainer Jobs: Athletic trainers help prevent and treat injuries for people of all ages. Their clients include everyone from professional athletes to industrial workers. Trainers specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Personal Athletic Trainer Jobs: Personal trainers work one-on-one with clients either in a gym or in the client’s home. Personal trainers help clients assess their level of physical fitness and set and reach fitness goals.

Nutritionist and Dietician Jobs: Nutritionist jobs don't require any specialized training while education is necessary to become a dietician. Explore the differences in our Members section.


Sports Facility Careers:

VP for Operations Jobs: Responsible for directing all facility business and operations functions to ensure quality service to teams and fans.

Director of Operations Jobs: Directorial level employee’s responsibilities are more geared toward the actual day to day operations of the operations event staff and include the hiring and firing of that staff.

Facility Manager Jobs: The Facility Manager works with accountants, marketers, team personnel, and often outside strategists to help produce creative ideas that allow the facility to be financially viable.

Facility Night Manger Jobs: The Night Manager provides supervision of changeover and overnight janitorial crew to ensure facility readiness from event to event including planning, budget development, and coordination and scheduling.

Sporting Event Manager / Event Coordinator Jobs: An Event Coordinator/Manager assists the Director of Event Operations in coordinating and managing all non-team related events at the stadium and/or event center.

Facility Security Jobs: Sports facility security personnel oversee the venue as well as report and deter fire, theft, vandalism, and unauthorized/illegal entry. Security officers are often greeting and directing people as well as controlling access and watching over the property.

Concessions Jobs: Joining a concession crew means part-time, often seasonal work that will afford the opportunity to be in an exciting environment and meet new people, while supporting the local professional or collegiate sports team or other event.

Guest Relations Event Staff: Guest Relations Staff are the primary contact for club level patrons, suite owners and VIP event guests. Positions include ushering, ticket checkers and takers, club level entrance monitors, greeters and information personnel.

Building Maintenance and Engineering Jobs: Engineering crew members perform a variety of tasks related to engineering, maintenance, upkeep and safe operations of the event center and related facilities. They also assist with field and facility conversions preparing for various events at the facility.


Sports Media:


Education Requirements
Originality Pays Off
Objectivity Always
Media Categories: Print and Electronic
A Day in the Life (on 'game day')


Play-by-Play Announcers
Color Commentary & Analyst Jobs
Sports Talk Radio Host
Behind the Scenes: Producing, sales and marketing
Property Owned Media Outlets

Sports Photographer Jobs

Sports Media Associations and Resources

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