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Philosophy Major

Career Information

Possible Job Titles


  • Policy analyst*
  • Foreign service officer
  • City solicitor*
  • Consumer protection advocate*
  • Legislative assistant
  • Public defender*
  • State legislator
  • Public health officer*
  • Mediation attorney*
  • Speech writer


  • Human services coordinator*
  • Teacher*
  • Professor*
  • Community development liaison
  • Court liaison*
  • Affirmative action officer
  • College administrator*
  • Editor
  • Experiential educator
  • Job counselor
  • Librarian*
  • Psychologist*


  • Artificial intelligence expert*
  • systems designer
  • Consumer relations representative
  • Economist*
  • Underwriter/claims adjuster
  • Genetic counselor*
  • Information broker*
  • Computer programmer*
  • Computer systems analyst*
  • Human resources manager
  • Journalist
  • Marketing researcher
  • Technical writer

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Community organizer
  • Fundraiser
  • Clergy*
  • Graphic artist
  • Association public relations director
  • Biomedical ethics researcher*
  • Grants administrator

*Denotes additional education required.

Typical Places of Employment

  • Archives/federal, municipal
  • Bookstores
  • Travel agencies
  • Colleges and schools
  • Industries/manufacturing
  • Learned Periodicals
  • Magazines & newspapers
  • Public relations firms
  • Libraries
  • Research
  • Institutions
  • Social services agencies
  • Publishing agencies
  • Museums
  • Adult Education Programs
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Political organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Churches & religious org.
  • Consulting services
  • Advertising agencies/departments
  • Professional/Trade associations
  • Public Interest Research Groups
  • Business corporations
  • Foundations, non-profit
  • Civil rights commission
  • Civil service commission
  • Consumer affairs office
  • Education department
  • Foreign service
  • Library of congress
  • National archives

Typical Work Activities

  • Collect and organize data
  • Work independently
  • Perform ambiguous tasks
  • Problem solving
  • Conduct research and analysis

Additional Info in Career Services

These publications must be used in the Career Services Office. However there are many brochures and magazines such as Resume Writing, Interviewing and Job Choices that you may take with you.

  • Careers for Good Samaritans and Other Humanitarian Types
  • Doing Well by Doing Good
  • Jobs That Make a Difference: Good Works
  • Making a Living While Making a Difference
  • Opportunities in Nonprofit Organization Careers
  • Profitable Careers in Nonprofits
  • Take Your Soul To Work
  • To Touch the World: the Peace Corps experience

To see a complete list of career books located at the Career Services Office click here.

Alumni Resources

(Listed below are examples of SU Alumni and their Jobs in this major-For more alumni resources, go to Mentor Network)

Michael Hadaway, Jr   Divinity Student Virginia Theological Seminary
Hugh Bouchelle 1998 Program Specialist, Urban Search & Rescue Federal Emergency Mgt. Association
Kevin Hill 1997 Wor-Wic Career Development Instructor

Related Links

Note the wide range of careers of these famous people who majored in or studied Philosophy in college  (as listed in teh University of the Pacific website)

  • Phil Jackson—LA Lakers head coach (11 NBA titles)
  • Matt Groening—Creator of The Simpsons
  • Ethan Coen—Writer and director (with his brother Joel) of the films Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, Raising Arizona, and many others
  • Ricky Gervais—Actor and comedian; creator and star of The Office and Extras; also starred in The Invention of Lying and Ghost Town
  • David Souter and Stephen Breyer—U.S. Supreme Court Justices
  • Sam Harris—Well-known author of The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape
  • Philip Glass—Influential contemporary composer known for his mesmerizing soundtracks to The Hours, The Thin Blue Line (and other Errol Morris documentaries), and Koyaanisqatsi; his music is featured in the videogame “Grand Theft Auto IV”
  • Rahm Emmanuel—Former Illinois Congressman and (former) Obama White House Chief of Staff


Some graduate programs in Philosophy and Religious Studies:

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