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Career Services - Students

Economics Major

Career Information

Possible Job Titles


  • Commodities broker
  • Bank management trainee
  • Financial analyst
  • Economic forecaster*
  • Trust administrator
  • Credit analyst
  • Loan counselor
  • Securities analyst
  • Investment banker


  • Market research analyst
  • Sales representative
  • Staff training and development specialist
  • Public relations media planner
  • Real estate agent
  • Retail buyer
  • Insurance underwriting trainee
  • Actuarial assistant
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Management consultant
  • Strategic planner
  • Actuary
  • Business administrator*
  • Cost estimator

Government/Public Sector

  • Claims examiner, Social Security
  • Administration
  • Foreign trade analyst
  • Tax auditor
  • Housing development aide
  • Budget Office assistant
  • Legislative assistant
  • Lobbyist
  • Regional/urban planner*
  • Financial planner
  • Lawyer*
  • Research assistant
  • Compensation analyst
  • Demographer
  • Public administrator


  • Professor*
  • Technical writer
  • Journalist/columnist
  • Teacher*
  • Higher education administration*
  • Educational television advisor
  • Information analyst*

*Denotes need for additional education


Assembles and analyzes statistics, calculates risk probabilities, and determines premium rates for policies and pension plans within the three basic areas of insurance: life, health, and property and casualty. Works for insurance companies and their regulators.


Researches, analyzes, and assesses prospective banking projects. Typically works for the bank involved.


Assists Compensation/Benefits Analyst in examining compensation packages, including wages, salaries, and benefits, and in comparing them with those in the same field to
determine competitiveness and fairness. Employers in many diverse fields, including compensation consulting firms.


Assesses the feasibility and profitability of specific financial operations, programs, and transactions. Works for corporations, government agencies, investment banks, and
brokerage firms. Usually requires relevant coursework.


Compiles statistical reviews and forecasts. Maintains and reviews financial literature and records regarding departments, industries, and possible transactions. Works for corporations, financial institutions. Usually requires relevant coursework.


Completes basic research required for investment banking transactions between institutions with long-term capital needs and major investors. Researches both broad industries and the specific financial status of particular institutions, prepares documents and reports for staff and clients.


Assists labor relations specialists with detailed research required for contract negotiations. Prepares advisory reports on union-management agreements. Works for unions,
unionized employers, and government arbitrators.


Identifies information that can be used to support the positions and the efforts of lobbyists. Involves library research, attendance at conferences and committee meetings, and
writing of reports. Employers include a diversity of special and public interest groups as well as professional lobbyists.


Explores the real estate needs of particular communities, gathers information about available parcels of land, and explores the market feasibility of proposed projects. Works
for real estate developers.


Assists in determining whether an insurance company will take on a particular risk. Analyzes actuarial studies and other pertinent information, prices policies in an attempt to balance risk and the need for profit, and answers inquiries from agents and clients. Works for insurance companies and reinsurance companies (which underwrite other insurance companies in cases of very high risk).


Under the supervision of a city or regional planner, conducts research into the economic, environmental, and social consequences of development in order to support strategies
for appropriate growth and renovation of rural, suburban, or urban areas. Typically works for a government agency. May work for a consulting or architectural firm.

Typical Places of Employment

  • Advertising dept. and firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Banks
  • Consumer Affairs Office
  • Business corporations
  • Energy Department
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Civic & taxpayer associations
  • Housing & urban Dev.
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Labor Department
  • Consulting firms
  • Social Security Admin.
  • Consumer organizations

  • Magazines, newspapers
  • Educational institutions
  • Labor unions
  • Employment agencies
  • Personnel departments
  • Financial institutions
  • Political action groups
  • Industries
  • Research & dev. firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Trade associations
  • Investment firms
  • Utility companies
  • Market research depts. and firms

Typical Work Activities

  • Performing ambiguous or abstract tasks
  • Conducting research and analysis
  • Process, evaluate and communicate information
  • Collecting and organizing data
  • Formulating general investment strategy
  • Researching trends in economic activity
  • Problem solving
  • Working independently
  • Applying basic analytical techniques and theory to new situations and problems

Additional Info in Career Services

These publications must be used in the "Browsing" Library of Career Services. There are also many brochures and magazines such as Resume Writing, Interviewing and Job Choices that you may take with you.

  • Career Choices for Students of Economics
  • Great Jobs for Economics Majors

To see a complete list of career books located at the Career Services Office click here.

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