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Athletic Events Staff 5/2/2016 [-]

Athletic Events Staff

Please send a resume, your fall schedule (including classes, internships, and extracurriculars), references, and a paragraph explaining why you are interested in the position to Jess Stoltz -

Hours Per Week: Anywhere from 5-15

MajorsRequired: All - Anyone interested in a career in sport management, etc. encouraged to apply

Grade Level Required: Any

Date inactive: 8/1/2016

Research Help Desk Assistant All 4/28/2016 [-]

Research Help Desk Assistant
Employing Department: Libraries
Location: Guerrieri Academic Commons, First Floor
Term: Fall and Spring, with optional Winter and Summer
Hours: 10-15 hours per week

SU Libraries are looking to hire two students to work at the research help desk in the new Guerri Academic Commons for approximately 10 hours a week. The research help desk employee assists students with basic research needs and how to use the library, physically and electronically. The work is customer service-oriented and likely to include evenings and/or weekends. Students are encouraged to apply by clicking the following link:

Any additional questions can be directed to Angeline Prichard at”

Angeline R. Prichard, MLS
Research & Instructional Librarian
Blackwell Library, #128

Date inactive: 5/20/2016

MakerSpace Assistant 4/26/2016 [-]

MakerSpace Assistant
Employing Department: SU Libraries
Location: Guerrieri Academic Commons, First Floor
Term: Year-round (Fall, Summer, and Spring semesters)
Hours per Week: 10-20 hours per week
Pay: $10.50 per hour
Start Date: August 29th, 2016

Job Description:

The SU Libraries MakerSpace will be a state-of-the-art facility in the new Guerrieri Academic Commons that will offer emerging technologies to SU students, faculty, and staff. MakerSpace Assistants will be responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting issues in the MakerSpace, as well as assisting visitors with their use of the equipment and other resources. When it opens in Fall 2016, the space will have several 3D printers and 3D scanners, Raspberry Pis and Arduinos for building homemade electronics, and handheld synths for creating digital music. The room will also have resources available for visitors to develop technological skills, such as programming and digital design.  New devices and technologies will also be acquired in the future as the space develops.

MakerSpace Assistants will need to have an interest in new technologies and be highly self-motivated. They will need to be detail-oriented and flexible. Excellent customer service skills are required, and experience teaching (through one-on-one tutoring or class instruction) would be a big plus. Knowledge of technical topics such as programming, computer hardware, and consumer electronics would also be beneficial.

In addition to the duties in the MakerSpace, this position will also require you to work limited hours at the library circulation desk. You will also be able to pick up shifts at the circulation desk that other students can’t work for extra hours if you like, including night shifts that run until as late as 2 AM.

Please note that since this is a new space and a new position, many details are still being worked out. Some of the above information may change before the space opens.

If you have questions about the position, please contact Chris Woodall at or (410) 543-6306. If you are interested, please complete the application available at




Date inactive: 5/31/2016

Office Assistant for Event Technical Services 4/25/2016 [-]

Office Assistant for Event Technical Services

Job Description:

The Event Technical Services Department is seeking an enthusiastic undergraduate level student to play a valuable role in the Event Technical Services Department. The position will provide daily secretarial duties in the office that include answering the phone, scheduling staff and events, and providing quality customer service.

                Office Responsibilities
•             Answer office phone during business hours
•             File and organize documentation of the office
•             Provide quality customer service to all faculty, staff, and students
•             Enter data for upcoming events into the scheduling system
•             Scan all work orders for events once received and enter into database
•             Assign and notify employees of future shifts
•             Assist in special projects
•             Logging of event statistics

•             Familiarity with Microsoft computer programs
•             Customer Service
•             Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•             Personable/social skills
•             Organized
•             Dependable
•             Detail oriented

Job Location: 125 Bateman Street, Suite 115

How to apply: Please email resume and cover letter to Casey Quinn-Caliguro at

Majors Required: Any

Grade Level Required: Junior, Sophomore, Freshman (ideally we want someone who will be here for at least 2 years)

Date inactive: 5/18/2016

Furniture Fixtures Equipment & Move Assistant Position Summer 4/25/2016 [-]

Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons
Furniture Fixtures Equipment & Move Assistant Position

Job Description

Positions Available- 1 full time (40 hours week)

Contract Length - May 30th – August 26th

Work Hours – 40 hours per week 7:30am-4:30pm with 1 hour lunch

Job Duties:   

1.    Assist with Management of Academic Commons loading dock or loading locations of Academic Commons for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment vendor deliveries.
2.    Review vendor deliveries to determine locations they need to receive Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment and then send delivery team to the proper floor and room locations to assemble and install their furniture.
3.    Review truck deliveries with vendors prior to unloading to insure vendors have dollies and carts needed to move FFE items.
4.    Inspect Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment installations after it is unloaded and set up.
5.    Reports to SU AC Project Manager and will contact him if deliveries get busy and needs assistance.
6.    Assist with some furniture set up and arrangement and layouts when requested.
7.    Assist with move of Blackwell Library to Academic Commons as directed in latter part of the summer.
8.    Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
9.    Other duties as assigned.

Dress Code: For safety purposes OSHA Requires long paints (no shorts) and thick sole shoes or boots. A safety vest and hard hat will be provided if needed.   

Hourly Pay - $8.75

For Interviews send resume and cover letter by email to Terry Roye at

Date inactive: 5/15/2016

SU Web Development Office Intern All 4/25/2016 [-]

Employing Department: Web Development Office

Job Title: Intern - Web Development Office

Job Description: Web Development Office Intern: assist web developers in updating and maintaining SU websites.

Job Location: Holloway Hall 278

Hours Per Week: approx. 10 hours

How To Apply: We are looking for people with web design or web programming experience. Send an email to Todd Smith ( with a description of your experience with the following: web design, html or html5, css, javascript, and any server side programming. Also, please describe any experience you may have with computer programming and graphic design. If you have any, please provide links to websites you have worked on and describe your role in their development and/or maintenance. Please describe why you want the job and why you would be a great person for the job. Ideally, we would like someone who will be able to work with us for 4 or more semesters (a new junior or a sophomore or freshman).

Majors Required: Any

Grade Level Required: Junior, Sophomore, Freshman (ideally we want someone who will be here for at least 2 years)

Date inactive: 5/15/2016

GUC Office Assistant Fall Summer 4/15/2016 [-]

GUC Office Assistant

Employing Department: Guerrieri University Center (GUC) Office
•    Job Description: GUC Office Assistants are responsible for providing support to GUC Office staff.  The primary function of the GUC Office is to support the facilities and activities in the GUC.  This position reports directly to the Acting Program Management Specialist.
 Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen and forward calls, providing information, and taking messages.
 Perform administrative support tasks such as creating mailing labels and filing labels, etc.
 Greet visitors, determine nature and purpose of visit, and direct or escort them to specific destinations.
 File and maintain records.
 Transmit information or documents to customers, using computer, mail, or fax machine.
 Review payroll documents for accuracy.
 Provide information, such as location of departments or offices, employees within the organization, or services provided.
 Keep copiers and printers stocked with supplies.  Assist with ordering office supplies and keeping supply cabinets/AV   closet organized.
 Assist with ordering magazines/newspapers for the Information Desk.  
 Photocopy, sort and distribute mail, assist with mass mailings.  
 Provide assistance with projects as needed.
 Act as courier for pick up/delivery of items to/from campus departments.
  Other duties as assigned.
•    Job Location: GUC, Room 222
•    Hours Per Week: up to 20
•    How to Apply: Please email resume and cover letter to Andrea Booth at
•    Majors Required: all
•    Grade Level Required: all
•    Date inactive: 5/20/2016

Date inactive: 5/20/2016

Appropriations Board Member Fall 4/13/2016 [-]

Appropriations Board Member
Organization Name:     Relink Salisbury University On Campus Student Jobs
Linked Contact:     Relink
No of Openings:    2
Work Schedule:    Fall 2016
Hours per Week:    5-9
*Compensation:    Paid
Employment Start Date:    
Employment End Date:    
*Job Description:    *Job Description: The Appropriations Board is looking for 2 new representatives to join our team in the Fall 2016 semester.
We are searching for students who have some background in business operations, critical thinking, speaking with organization leaders, being decisive, and creating a lively campus.The Appropriations Board is responsible for managing the Student Activities budget for RSO’s, as well as actively maintaining and reconciling different clubs’ account balances.

*Qualifications:    *Qualifications: Specific duties include being available for a weekly board meeting and holding office hours for 9 hours each week. Also, being able to understand spreadsheets and reports dealing with credits, debits, and numerical data is highly preferred.

*How to Apply:    *How to Apply: Submit a resume and a short excerpt of why you would fit well in an organization which is required to make decisions given very ambiguous circumstances. Please include how you would succeed in an atmosphere led by mostly students who are looking to make the campus more active and united.
If interested, please send a resume and brief cover letter to Please submit your application no later than Sunday, April 17th. Candidates will be selected and notified by April 21st, and interviews will be conducted on April 28th. You will receive an e-mail by the 1st of May if you are selected for an opening.

Date inactive: 5/15/2016

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