VJF Conference Call-Welcome Everyone!

Conference call for all SLAC members to discuss the two vendors (Brazen & CareerEco) we are considering for our first ever virtual job fair (actually it is the third but we won’t talk about the first two)!
The date for the conference call is Monday, November 19th at 2:00 PM. Mark your calendars now
The date for the SLAC Virtual Job Fair is:
Tuesday, April 2, 2013


-We can create registration pages for both students and employers
-We can use our logo which means we will have to develop one
-All we have to do is drive the students and employers to the url
-Brazen will send us summary reports
-Should have stat downloads ready
-One day usually for 3-4 hours
-Live chats between employers and students
-Students get electronically in line
-Student can register without uploading resume
-Brazen can send us students resumes before fair to review
-Students can upload a photo
-Brazen uses their own videos to help students
-The “Lobby” is the room students and employers go to
-Students can see how long lines are and wait in as many lines as they want
-Students can view jobs, etc.
-Students rate recruiters
-The employers have booths with their logos; can leave employers notes in case they did not see them.
-Employers will receive a master report summary
-They do everything-all we have to do is email our employers and students
-this is not a money maker.
-How the fair works:-real time chat rooms; employers setup chat time schedules; Students sign-up for those times; students look for jobs and employers>submit resumes>schedule chats

Cost: (One fair)
Revenue Sharing: (50% of what we charge employers)
-$2500 and 50% of all revenues we receive (this is not a money maker)
Non-Revenue Sharing: (0% of what we charge employers)
-$4,000 for one fair (if we had 20 employers at $200 that would cover our cost)
Click here for their cost models
Click here for their presentation

-schools who have used them-GA Tech, Purdue, Auburn, etc.
-very positive feedback from employers and schools that have used them
-chat rooms for individual, group and video chats
-the employers choose the hours they wish to chat
-smaller schools usually run the event for one day-larger school three days
-students can pre-register and place resumes in resume books
-employers can look at pre-registered students and communicate with them
-employers have their own webpage and CareerEco sets it up for them
-we can use a slac logo and our school logos
-they do a summary report for employers and schools-can break data down by schools
-employers do have flexibility in creating their webpage
-students can have multiple chats and view everyone in the chat room
-students can also have private chats with employers-not real sure how they do this?
-employers do see everyone in chat rooms
-employers can “save” chats for later use
-CareerEco can provide employers with transcripts of chats-not sure if they can provide students or us?
-employers can change color of their rooms
-they do all the marketing to employers and students
-all we need to do is send the marketing materials out to our employers and students
-they do have their employer database that they will invite
-minimum number of employers is 15-less than that they cannot host
-students are not seen as “in-line” they are simply in a chat room and can go from one chat room to another very easily
-they do follow up surveys

$395 employers who register on time
$495 employers with late registration

If we choose to use the $395 fee for employers we get a revenue share of $100
If we choose to not revenue share, the fee for the employers would be $295 and we would get $0
(on-time employer registration) or $395 (late employer registration)
*there are no fees for consortium


From Summer Meeting:
*From our summer meeting, we felt Brazen was the one to use due to the pricing structure and the one day length format. After a discussion, the date was chosen and it is Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013. The time options were either 2-6 or 3-7 PM. The group felt the employer fee should be $150 to $200.