August 6, 2013 Minutes of Meeting

-Dr. Becky Emery facilitated the meeting.
-Schools attending meeting-SU, St. John's, Washington, St. Mary's, Notre Dame, Goucher
-Treasurer Report-$2,500.00 in bank-we lost $1750.00 from Virtual Job Fair.
--Dr. Becky Emery brought up the idea for each school to pay $100 to recoup some of that money
-Dr. Becky Emery suggested that we use some of that money for professional development.  We can talk about this next meeting.
-Charlie gave report on VJF which included:

-Date of VJF: April 2, 2013
-Time: 3:00-7:00 pm EST
-Location: Online
-Company Utilized: Brazen
-Representative: Ginny Manocha, Senior Marketing & Accounts Manager, ginny@brazencareerist.com-412.805.0848-no complaints concerning technology-excellent company to work with.

Schools Participating:
Notre Dame of Maryland University
Goucher College
St. John's College
St. Mary's College of Maryland Salisbury University
The University of Mary Washington
Washington College

Employer Registration Rates:
-Early Bird Rate (Through March 15): $150
-Standard Rate (March 1-April 1): $200
*Registration includes: Fully-branded and customized booth, an account for up to 3 recruiters, a full Candidate Report including resumes and chat transcripts, and dedicated account support.
Student Data:
Registered/Attended Stats:
Entries (started the registration process): 260
Full Registrants: 217
Students Attending: 111 (51%)

Employer Data:
Companies Attending: 15
o Peace Corps
o KnifeCenter.com
o Continental Pools
o New York Life
o Teach for America
o Urban Teacher Center o AWS, LLC
o OpenPath Products
o Connections Education
o Centric Business Systems
o Enterprise Rent a Car
o Marstel-Day
o Espiritu Community Development Corp.
o Deloitte

Consortium paid Brazen $4000.00 upfront to set the fair up
Slac recouped approximately $2250 (15 employers at $150 per employer)
Total loss of $1750

-The group decided unanimously not to have the fair next year due to loss of $
-Jim Allison, Washington College, brought up working with international students and social media issues facing slac
-The group decided to  have Site Visits this coming January.  Each school is responsible for setting up 1 visit.  The visits are to be finalized by Nov. 1st, 2013.  Meredith McCook from Goucher may replace Charlie as the coordinator of the visits and provide the ability for students to register for any/all visits.  Each school will coordinate their own visit.
-Jim Allison, Washington College, graciously volunteered to host the next meeting in January 2014.  He will send out some possible dates.
-Salisbury will host the summer 2014 August meeting.
-Charlie asked all schools send him their job fair dates/times and any resources they wish to post to the slac website.