The Selective Liberal Arts Colleges (SLAC) is a collection of colleges and universities from Maryland and Northern Virginia.  Our goal is to share our knowledge and resources in a manner that will benefit our students.  As career professionals, we are working together to help our students in their career pursuits.

Our Members:

Notre Dame of Maryland University
Dr. Ammad Sheikh
Director of the Career Center
College: Notre Dame of Maryland University
4701 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD  21212
Phone: (410)532-5393

Yan-Hua Li, LCPC-
Career Counselor
Goucher College
Traci Martin

Maureen Marshall,
Associate Director
Meredith McCook-Assistant Director for External Relations
Danielle Pellegrini-Assistant Director for Intenships
St. John's College
StJohnsJaime Dunn, Director

Kathleen Cady, Career Services Coordinator
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Dana Burke
Director of Career Development

Kate Shirey
Assistant Director


Salisbury University


Charlie Endicott Interim Director
The University of Mary Washington
Mary Becelia, Associate Director
Katie Locke, Assistant Director
Sarah Monroe, Associate Director for Internships 
Rose Wagner, Recruiting Coordinator
Washington College

Jim Allison-Director




Vicky Sawyer,
Associate Director