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Welcome to Each and Every One of You! Summer 2014

What is Your Career IQ?

1. What was the average starting salary of this year's new SU college graduate a. $51,572 per year
b. $45,438 per year
c. $41,199 per year
d. $38,674 per year
2.  To obtain a good job after graduation, your son/daughter should a. Have a solid GPA
b. Have related career experience
c. Have a professional resume
d. Have a strong job network
e. All of the above
3. It looks very professional for a college student to have this on their resume a. Volunteer experience
b. High school athletics
c. Membership in high school chess club
d. Homecoming queen/king
4. Employers are looking for these characteristics in college graduates except a. Ability to organize information
b. Ability to focus on all incoming text messages
c. The ability to work well in teams—especially with people different from yourself
d. The ability to write and speak well
5. When selecting a major the most important thing to consider is a. Class start times
b. Geographic location on-campus
c. Interest and love of field
d. Financial benefits
6. Who is the best resource for assisting students in finding eventual employment? a. Their friends
b. Career Services
c. Parents
d. Their professors
7. What are the very employable fields for students today? a. Health Careers
b. Social Services
c. Accounting
d. All of the above
8. What is the best career advice you can give your son/daughter? a. Suggest volunteering
b. Suggest internships
c. Advocate for job security
d. A and B
9.  If your son/daughter is undecided about their major, what should they do? a. Make an appointment with Career Services
b. Talk to their roommate who is majoring in psychology
c. Utilize interest inventories in Career Services
d. Discuss career options with alumni mentors
e. A, C and D
10.  What are some "mistakes" students do when conducting a job or internship search? a. Placing inappropriate information on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
b. Not following up an interview with a thank you note
c.  Inappropriate answering machine messages
d.  Unusual email addresses
e.  All of the above
11.  How many individual student appointments did SU Career Services have in 2013-2014? a. 2241
b. 1758
c. 922
d. 672
12.  How many workshops did SU Career Services conduct in the 2013-2014 school year? a. 39
b. 66
c. 25
d. 78
13.  What service accounted for the most student appointments with SU Career Services Counselors in 2012-2013? a. Major exploration
b. Job search assistance
c. Resume reviews
d. Graduate school assistance
14. How many classroom presentations did Career Services do in the 2013-2014 school year? a. 94
b. 52
c. 67
e. 25
15.  What is your ultimate goal for sending your son or daughter to SU or college in general? a. To learn more about the global environment
b. To become more independent and self-sufficient
c. To grow and become a civic-minded adult
d. To obtain a job and move out of your house
e. All of the above
Extra Credit-What are we  as parents of today's college student called and why? First person to answers gets a Career Services pen!

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