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Public Relations Specialist

Date inactive: 12/1/2013

Employer Name: Ocean Tower Construction, LLC

Employer Description: Construction repair services

Employer Address: 34667 Bethany Drive, Frankford, DE 19945

Job Description: Specialist should be able to prepare and edit organizational publications for clients, financial institutions, partners, and other, including contractor qualification statements, business newsletters, financial reports; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, employees, suppliers, partners, and other public interest groups; plan and direct development and communication of information programs that create and maintain favorable public perceptions of an organization's accomplishments and agenda through the web-site development, participation in local events and fairs, and other;produce and coordinate advertisement and promotions; arrange public appearances, exhibits, and other marketing and promotion campaigns to increase service awareness and promote goodwill. PT/ two years of experience is required; knowledge of russian language and second degree in business is a plus.

Pay: $24 - $28

Job Location: Frankford, DE

What Major: Public Relations; Marketing; Communications |  Senior or Graduate Student

How To Apply: Please, email your Resume and Letter of Interest to oceantower@usa.com. Calll 4433737096 with any questions.