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Customer Service Representative

Date inactive: 5/16/2013

Job Title: Customer service representative

Contact Name: Greg Reddell - Agent

Employer Name: Greg Reddell, State Farm Agent

Employer Description: We are the number one writer of auto and homeowners insurance, the number 2 writer of life insurance, represent a bank in the top 1% of all thrifts and retirement planning/education savings products

Employer Address: 101 Monument St., Salisbury MD 21084

Phone Number: 410 742 3101

email: greg@salisburysf.com

Website: greg.reddell.com

Job Description: Marketing, customer relationship management, clerical functions and money handling.

Pay: 8.50

How To Apply: resume and cover letter

What Major: business, accounting, finance , marketing

Comments: This is a great opportunity for someone who wants an entry into the financial services industry and potentially develop into a full-time permanent, fully-licensed, agent aspirant position after graduation.