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Agronomy Intern with Black Gold Farms

Date inactive: 7/1/2013

Employer Name: Black Gold Farms

Employer Description: A multi-generation, family owned organization firmly planted in North Dakotas Red River Valley more than 80 years ago, Black Gold Farms has evolved into a global potato production, sales and service company and industry leader. We are the nation's largest supplier of chip potatoes.

Employer Address: 5615 Rhodesdale-Vienna Rd, Rhodesdale, MD 21659

Phone Number: 410-943-0546

email: corey.leep@blackgoldfarms.com

Website: http://www.blackgoldpotato.com/index.php

Job Title: Agronomy Intern

Job Description: Agronomist Intern Black Gold has a position open for FIELD AGRONOMIST INTERN. This position will assist with raising high quality, profitable potatoes through the duties described below.
1. Collect data and generate reports from information gathered through scouting and tissue collection
2. Familiarize themselves with the stages of potato plant growth, potato insects, diseases and weeds
3. Assist with crop yield and quality monitoring
4. Participate in seed cutting monitoring and seed placement during planting
5. Assist with irrigation management by monitoring field moisture, irrigation & rainfall amounts on a daily basis

Pay: Commensurate

How To Apply: http://sj.tbe.taleo.net/CH17/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?org=BLACKGOLD&cws=1

What Major: Biological, Environmental, Natural Sciences.

Senior: Yes

Junior: Yes

Sophomore: Yes

Freshman: Yes

Graduate Student: Yes

Any Grade Level: Yes