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Administration for Tactical American Security

Date inactive: 12/12/2013

Employer Name: Tactical American Security Consulting, LLC

Contact Name: Evan Avnet - CEO

Employer Description:TASC provides tactical security consulting for business, corporate, citizen, and large outdoor venues. We provide armed robbery and home invasion prevention training as well as tactical firearms training for the average citizen.

Employer City: Salisbury

Phone Number: 8888134434

email: eavnet.ustasc@gmail.com

Website: www.ustasc.com

Job Description:This job may require involvement, on air time on reality show. Provide assistance to administration, assist with training, provide contact with clients, promotions, assist with recruitment of clients, planning sessions, etc.

Pay: Varies depending on commitment

Experience Level Required:No Experience Required

How To Apply:Apply online to website

What Grade Level:Senior, Junior