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Student Assistant application dead line (4/12/2013)

Date inactive: 4/12/2013

Position Description
The Department of Facilities Planning (FP) is hiring about two or three students to assist in the resurvey of campus facilities to update the ADA Barrier Removal Plan (conducted in 1993) for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This is a part time spring work & full time summer work requiring an average of 40 hours of work per week. FP is looking for reliable
students who are able to continue this project into the Fall Semester if the work is extended. The students must be able to use office equipment and measuring tools and also have thorough knowledge of basic mathematics necessary to measure and calculate areas, volumes, fractions, and proportions.
Customer service skill and ability to function in a team oriented environment are also required.
Experience working in facilities and ability to read, interpret, and work from blueprints, drawings, and specifications are a plus, but not required. The position will begin ASAP and training will be provided. The students will work under the supervision of the Facilities Planner. The pay rate is $10/hour commensurate with skills and experience.
The Maryland Department of Disabilities (DOD) has requested all State agencies who wish to request State funding for ADA projects to update their ADA Transition Plan by January 1, 2014, and subsequently update it every three years. As a result, SU must re-survey campus facilities to update its list of physical modifications to enhance program access for individuals with disabilities. FP will develop the list of facilities to be re-surveyed. The re-survey will cover the following:
Restrooms: Surveys of restrooms to determine which ones have toilet stalls that are not accessible based on 2010 Standards for Accessible Design guidelines and estimate the cost to re-configure and upgrade the stall to comply with ADA.
Elevators/Stair Lifts: Surveys of elevators in the buildings to determine which ones are not accessible based on 2010 Standards for Accessible Design guidelines and/or identify buildings where new elevator or stair lift will be required to provide more convenient access to inaccessible floors.
Curb Cuts/Ramps: Come up with an average cost estimate of curb cuts and ramps to be implemented on annual basis based on historic ADA requests. The annual average cost for site work will be included as a general item in the Transition Plan since we cannot readily determine the number and location of all site work required now and in the future.

Please note--application dead line (4/12/2013)


How to apply:  Please e-mail your Resume to Ray Cho at RaCho@salisbury.edu  Cover letter is optional.