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Vocational Services Assistant

Date inactive: 8/1/2013

Description:  Will assist in leading life skills classes, providing feedback regarding performance and progress. Will assist instructor in demonstrating life skills concepts and tasks and will aid encouraging students. Will have the opportunity to gain practical and professional experience and improve skills
Contact: Rose Carey

Status:  Part-time

Job Locations: Salisbury, Manitoba

Job Function:  Social Work

Compensation Type:  Unpaid

Compensation Details/Other Benefits:  Flexible Schedule

Job Experience Requirements:  6 Months to 1 Year Experience

There are no required qualifications for this position.
 The following qualifications are desired: Degree:  BASW

Major:  Social Work (prov)

GPA:  3.60

Cover Letter Required:  Yes

Other Requested Materials:  Resume

Application Method: Online (eRecruiting) - email applications as received

Employer will make application decisions: Offline

Email to Receive Applications:  rcarey@hollycommunity.org