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Bread for the World in DC
Date inactive: 1/1/2014

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. By changing policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, we provide help and opportunity far beyond the communities where we live.  http://www.bread.org/about-us/internships/
Bread for the World Interns on a recent visit to Capitol Hill.
Our internship program enables you to contribute your efforts to this mission while benefiting from opportunities for supervised learning, personal development, and work experience. Join us in winning policy changes that get at the root causes of hunger and poverty.
Bread for the World/Institute is located a few blocks from Capital Hill, where we advocate consistently.
We actively seek diversity among our interns and encourage participation from students, people making career changes, and professionals who are retired or on sabbatical. Our staff includes people with a wide range of life experiences and religious beliefs — Christian and non-Christian.
Intern positions are available in the Washington, DC, office of Bread for the World. Length varies from three months to one year. One-month internships are also available for students who need to fulfill field placement requirements. Applicants are matched to specific jobs on the basis of their background, skills, and interests as well as the needs of the organization.
Opportunities for interns:  Intern positions are available in the following departments: Administration, Church Relations, Communications, Development and Member Services, Government Relations, Grassroots Organizing, and Bread for the World Institute. Each position is designed to provide information on public policy and the legislative process and to sharpen professional and organizational skills.
What will you be doing?
Here are some possibilities, depending on the department where you work:
 •Attending hearings on Capitol Hill
 •Conducting outreach and promotional efforts to churches
 •Responding to inquiries about Bread for the World
 •Helping activists organize local chapters, campus groups, and statewide networks
 •Organizing conferences and field work and nurturing grassroots volunteer leadership
 •Helping with mass mailings and phone calls
 •Developing and maintaining relations with the media
 •Maintaining accurate membership records
 •Assisting with research and writing
What Does Bread for the World Provide?
Training and Supervision:  Intern supervisors provide orientation and ongoing training in the responsibilities of your position and general office procedures. Additional orientation includes the history of Bread for the World, Bread for the World Institute, and The Alliance to End Hunger; information about intra-office functions; and an overview of the current issues and legislative agenda.
Compensation:  A limited number of interns who are with Bread for six months to a year are provided a stipend. Most interns are self-supporting. All interns filling non-stipend positions are responsible for supporting themselves through their own resources for the duration of their internships. Bread reimburses transportation costs (within the Washington area) for travel to and from work. Stipend interns receive an annual salary as well as medical and life insurance.
Academic credit:  Many colleges and universities will award credit for Bread for the World internships. Please let us know right away if you need help arranging for credit.
Housing Information:  Interns are responsible for securing their own housing. Bread for the World can provide information about housing possibilities before your arrival in Washington, DC.

Use our on-line application, or contact us for an application.
Jacqueline Jones
Internship Program Coordinator
Bread for the World
Phone 202-639-9400 ext 171
Fax 202 639-9401