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Internship with non profit. marketing and management
Date inactive: 6/1/2013

 Internship with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Description: Mission statement for internship: To help/mentor students that want to learn about the non-profit field while applying their marketing and management skills.  Students will:

*Develop an entrepreneurial business mentality
*Learn time management requirements when working with individual agents or teams.
*Learn the needs of the small business and individual target markets
*Learn how to apply marketing skills and tactics
*Learn marketing tracking techniques
*Develop and coordinate mailing campaigns
*Learn the elements of and assist in the execution of event planning for clients and prospects
*Experience the necessity of detailed market research
*Develop competencies in market planning and plan management
*Perform special projects as determined by the information systems staff
*Assist with the Web Content Management System for our public website
*Develop planning, organizational and time management skills
*Develop interpersonal skills in order to communicate with employees
*Develop interpersonal skills in order to communicate with day-to-day business contacts through follow up calls
*Develop interpersonal skills in order to communicate with external clients

Contact and apply: Jessica Mimms jmimms@biglittle.org

Status: Part-time

ABLE Internship (Setup through Perdue School)

Job Locations: Salisbury, Maryland

Job Function: Management, Marketing

Period of Employment: Fall, Spring, Summer

Compensation Type: Unpaid