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January 2014 Internship with the Ocean Mammal Institute

Date inactive: 10/30/2013

Name Of Organization: Ocean Mammal Institute

Website: www.oceanmammalinst.org

Joyce O'Neal



When Is Internship: January

Join the Ocean Mammal Institute (OMI) in Maui as a research intern as we pioneer the way in the most important fields of study in the 21st century: Conservation Biology and Ecopsychology. Together, we can turn the tide of extinction!

Dates: 5 Jan, 2014 - 23 Jan 2014

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Internship title: The Hawaiian Humpback Whale: Field Research, Maui Hawaii.

Internship description: This internship looks at the behavior of humpback whales, the impact of boats on whales and how boats affect whale behavior. The reading material covers whale behavior, how humans affect that and all environmental issues around the oceans. Additionally we look at human impact on the environment and how human psychology affects the decisions we make about the environment.

As an OMI research intern you will be expected to do the following:
1. Study the biology and behavior of humpback whales while you observe and record their spectacular behaviors.
2. Learn and apply the principles of field research design.
3. Gain a personal understanding of the politics of protecting endangered species.
4. Learn about current research on whales and dolphins around the world and related conservation issues.
5. Be introduced to the field of Ecopsychology, which studies the relationship between humans and the natural world.

What a typical day is like: Conduct shore-based data collection. This involves tracking whales and boats with a theodolite and recording whale behaviors. All this is conducted approx. 4 hours everyday in the hot sun. Plot and graph your data daily. Read and discuss articles for the evening discussion. There are over 70 articles and the book you will be expected to read. Evening discussions are conducted every night and last approx 2 hours.

Additional requirements: Take 2 written exams (midterm and final). Write a team research paper using the field data your team obtained.

Living arrangements: Four to five students in a beautiful furnished condo on the ocean. Condos have full kitchen, living area, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms.

Administrative Info: Take this course as an Independent Study or Internship Course, through your college. If taking this course for credit you receive your credit from your school, not OMI. Arrive in Maui Jan 5, 2014, depart January 23, 2014. Price - $2500.00 (Includes rental of research equipment, transportation and accommodations in peak tourist season.) This fee does not include airfare or food.

Qualifications: You will be taught how to use the field research equipment. Be prepared to sit in the hot Maui sun 4 hours a day gathering field data on the whales.

Application Procedures: Online registration is available on our website at: www.oceanmammalinst.org Limited slots available If not selected deposit is refunded Questions contact: Joyce O'Neal Chief Operations Manager Ocean Mammal Institute Email: joneal@pa.net

Rate Of Pay: unpaid

Inactivation Date: Oct 30, 2013

Will Any Fees Be Assessed: Yes

Will Any Fees Be Assessed - Yes, Explain: OMI is a non profit organization so the total $2500.00 for this internship goes to housing, transportation (not airfare) and equipment rental.