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Internship with Environment Maryland
Spring Summer
Date inactive: 5/30/2013

Name Of Organization: Environment Maryland

Address: 3121 St. Paul St. #26, Baltimore, MD 21218

Website: http://www.environmentmaryland.org/

Contact Person: Tommy Landers

When Is Internship: Spring or Summer

Description Of Internship: We all care deeply about our environment. We also know that we need to be taking more action to ensure that our environment is preserved, especially when powerful interests stand in the way. Environment Maryland, a non-profit, citizen-based environmental group, acts as a strong advocate on a broad range environmental issues, including promoting clean energy, protecting our open spaces, restoring the Chesapeake Bay, and advancing global warming solutions. We speak out and take action at the local, state, and national levels to protect our precious natural resources. Our approach works. We have been a part of many important victories for the environment. We were the lead lobbying group to pass legislation that includes the nation's strongest law to reduce pollution from power plants, a bill that requires new cars and trucks to emit less pollution, and legislation to require developers to do all they can to minimize runoff pollution that goes into the Chesapeake Bay. We are involved in efforts to protect Maryland's most valuable natural areas and to capitalize on the enormous potential to revitalize the economy and protect the environment at the same time through the creation of thousands of green jobs. 

Internships with Environment Maryland offer students a unique, mentored experience. Interns work one-on-one with Environment Maryland's advocates and campaign organizers. Interns acquire the basic skills to analyze issues and put together solutions to problems that threaten our environment. Interns learn that activism and participation in the democratic process yield results.

Though responsibilities vary, most internships include the following:
- Conduct research into critical environmental problems and prepare fact sheets for wide scale distribution.
- Assist in the preparation of media events.
- Attend meetings with lawmakers and state agency staff.
- Reach out to businesses and organizations to get them to work in partnership with us.
- Mobilize our grassroots base to impact upcoming policy decisions.

Although Environment Maryland internships are unpaid, students may receive academic credit from their college or university.

- A strong commitment to Environment Maryland's issues.
- Strong writing and analytical skills.
- The ability to debate and speak persuasively.
- An enthusiasm for the work.

"Working at Environment Maryland has been a very beneficial experience for me. I don't just sit behind a desk all the time. I'm actually out there engaging the public on issues I feel passionate about. Environment Maryland is at the forefront of the green revolution raging throughout America." - Alyssa Morgenstern, Loyola College

"Environment Maryland trusted me with far more responsibilities than you get at most internships. Among other things, I did research for publications and organized a press conference. Perhaps most importantly, I was surrounded by supportive people who made me feel like I belonged in the office. I will be able to use the skills I learned from this internship throughout my lifetime." - Elizabeth Himeles, Kenyon College

Application Procedures: Email info@environmentmaryland.org. Please include your resume and a cover letter including the dates and times you will be available to work.

Rate Of Pay: unpaid