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Internships in Wildlife, Veternary Science-abroad

Date inactive: 1/1/2014

Eko Tracks offers study abroad programs in veterinary science and wildlife conservation, internships in wildlife conservation and park management, a volunteer opportunity in wildlife rehabilitation, a field expedition and eco tours in southern Africa. These are specifically designed for students, nature and outdoor lovers, adventurers and other interest groups.  

The veterinary study abroad program in South Africa is designed for students in veterinary science, vet tech or pre-vet with a focus on wildlife veterinary science, wildlife diseases and medicine, participation in capture and care of wild animals, breeding of rare species, wildlife rehabilitation, ecosystems and biodiversity conservation. The adventure-filled wildlife conservation study abroad program in South Africa focuses on field techniques, sustainable resource utilization, ecosystem and biodiversity conservation, game reserve and resort management, and game capture operations. The above programs are offered through lectures, field work and interactions with field vets, biologists and conservationists. These programs are endorsed by the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation. 

We offer two internships in wildlife conservation. One program is operated on a large biosphere reserve in South Africa where you will acquire knowledge in vegetation monitoring, wildlife population surveys including lions, rhinos and elephants, habitat management, biodiversity and park management. The other program, carnivore conservation is in Namibia where you radio track released predators, set camera traps, collect field data and practice animal care. 

The volunteer program in Namibia is at a wildlife sanctuary where volunteers work with African wildlife including cheetahs, wild dogs, lions, baboons etc.. A unique field expedition, led by a wildlife ecologist explores the landscapes, ecosystems, diversity of wildlife, conservation challenges and parks of Namibia. You will experience behind the scenes activities and discover considerably more than on a typical African safari.   

Read more about these exciting educational programs (itinerary, dates, prices etc.) on our website www.ekotracks.com and on Facebook ekotracks. If you need further information, please contact us. 

Sincerely, Werner Dörgeloh