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Planned Parenthood Federation of Maryland-Health, Medical, Advocacy
Date inactive: 1/1/2014

Every child wanted and loved. Women and men protecting themselves from disease and safeguarding against unintended pregnancies. Teens making healthy decisions. These are our ideals. In order to make this a reality, we provide people with accurate information and access to highly trained practitioners for preventive care.

Our mission is to enable all Marylanders to have access to a wide range of high quality, affordable reproductive health care services. By providing medical services, education, training and advocacy, PPM seeks to help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health, family planning options, and sexuality.  PPM is an affiliate of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). As an affiliate, PPM supports and implements the mission of PPFA.


Interns (unpaid) Wide ranging and changing as well as throughout the conutry.  Here are onse in MD.  https://plannedparenthoodvolunteer.hire.com/joblist.html?displaymode=-4.1141&__utma=1.1718575989.1350405613.1350405613.1350405613.1&__utmb=|utmccn=%28organic%29|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=%28not%20provided%29&__utmv=-&__utmk=11250612
   Celebrate our Right to Shoes Volunteer/Intern     
   Health Center Advocacy Intern     
   Medical Billing Extern or Volunteer