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The Maryland Community Fellows Program in Wicomico Co. $9,000
Fall Spring
Date inactive: 1/1/2013

The Maryland Community Fellows Program is a nine-month Fellowship in which Fellows will receive a $9,000 stipend and/or school credit. The Maryland CASH Campaign is currently recruiting undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students for our Wicomico County placement site to begin at the end of August. Fellows must commit to a three days per week, twenty hours per week time requirement at their placement sites. Would your students be interested in this rewarding experience? 

Further information on the program, in addition to the application, is attached. This application package and further information regarding the Fellowship can also be found on our website www.mdcash.org.

Juliet Penn, BA. MD CASH Campaign Intern. 111 Water Street, Suite 201. Baltimore, MD 21202. http://mdcash.org/