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The Agricultural Sciences Professional Internship Program at Epcot.

Date inactive: 1/1/2013

The Agricultural Sciences Professional Internship Program at Epcot®.   is designed to provide qualified college students with the opportunity for hands-on work experience in the unique growing areas that are part of Living with The Land, an agricultural attraction at Epcot®.

Minimum Requirements: College student or recent graduate (must complete internship within one year of graduation) with background and/or major in agriculture, plant science, horticulture, biology, biotechnology, entomology, aquaculture, education, or related field. Team player with demonstrated verbal communication skills and the ability to interact positively with both Walt Disney World® Guests and fellow Cast Members. Demonstrated work ethic, reliable transportation, and willingness to work on a flexible schedule. Willingness and ability to adhere to the Walt Disney World® personal appearance standards. Completed application packet (see step one below) and phone interview with an Agricultural Sciences Cast Member two to 12 months before desired starting date.

Application Process:
Step One:  Email a cover letter (indicating the internship and term for which you are applying along with your anticipated graduation date), your resume, transcripts, and one letter
of recommendation (from a professor or employer) to
Step Two:  Go to http://disneyinterns.com. Click on Animals, Science, and Environment. Select “View Roles.” You’ll find more info under the “Animal Programs Roles.” Click on the internship(s) of your choice and fill out the
application(s). Call or email with any questions.  Tel: (407) 560-7256.  Fax: (407) 560-6793
Email: wdw.epcot.science.internship@disney.com

Responsibilities:  In addition to maintaining the show quality of our growing areas, aquaculture systems and biotechnology lab, interns will spend a significant amount of time leading informative and interactive Guest tours through our facilities, along with promoting and selling these tours. Additional training sessions, classes and meetings will be scheduled throughout the semester. Other duties vary by discipline:
Aquaculture Operate a recirculating freshwater aquaculture facility. Monitor filtration systems and water quality, assist in diagnosis and control of disease, and raise fish to marketable size for Walt Disney World® restaurants.
Maintain a tissue culture production facility. Prepare media and culture a wide variety of plants. Then, collect, package and deliver the tissue-cultured plants to Epcot® merchandise locations.
Become an integral part of The Land’s Integrated Pest Management program. Rear and maintain insect colonies, release beneficial insects into greenhouse crops, and maintain entomology-related shows.
Plant Science
Maintain a high-quality show of hydroponically-grown food crops from around the globe. Seed, transplant, irrigate and prune plants; harvest produce for Epcot® restaurants; rake, sweep, and provide general cleanup of greenhouses.
Internship Schedule:
Winter/Spring 2012: December 28, 2011—June 24, 2012
Summer/Fall 2012: June 15, 2012—January 6, 2013
Winter/Spring 2013: December 28, 2012—June 23