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Marketing/PR Internship with Easy Event Planning
Date inactive: 7/31/2013

Name Of Organization: Easy Event Planning

Address: 208 E Taylor Run Parkway, Alexandria, VA 22314

Website: www.easyeventplanning.com

When Is Internship: summer

Description Of Internship: Understanding search engine optimization can greatly impact your Marketing/PR career. Having these skills on your resume can put you in a completely different class than fellow job applicants and allow you to make immediate, significant contributions to your future employers. You'd most likely be in the first one in the company to possess them.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about:
1. How Google really works
2. How Google ranks pages and each of the key elements you can manipulate to improve rankings
3. The factors involved in On-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) title tags, H1 tags, url structures, etc.
4. How to write unique content for the web Students with strong writing skills will have the opportunity to write content that may be published on our site, blog or submitted to article-sharing websites.

If our new community calendar is ready by summer, you may also have an opportunity to work closely with non-profits and others planning community fundraisers and benefits. These types of events often don't raise the money they should, as they dont know how to promote it. As many don't have an advertising budget, they'll rely on media exposure and social networking to get the word out. You'll be able to research media outlets in their area and write/send/follow up on press releases on their behalf. Youll also research all relevant (free) community calendars on which to promote their event. You may also research to find what fundraisers are taking place in a particular area (possibly your home town) to invite organizers to post details about their events on our site. This is excellent opportunity to make a real difference in peoples lives, while putting in to practice your PR skills. We receive several hundred applications every semester and were looking to give limited slots to students who are dedicated to learning all they can.

About Easy Event Planning LLC: EasyEventPlanning.com is revolutionizing event planning. For the first time, users can find planning tools, planning tips and ideas and the most extensive event vendor directory in the US (216K listings) under one roof. There is exciting new functionality being developed constantly. Our site is now 10 years old.

Location: Though the company is based in the greater Washington DC area, students work from home, communicating with us via video conferencing, instant messaging, email and phone. There is a lot of scheduling flexibility. You must be seeking internship credit to apply. This is currently an unpaid internship position. We have hired exceptional interns upon completion of their internships.

Qualifications: Must be an undergraduate seeking internship credit.

Application Procedures: How to Apply Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Colleen Houck at internships@EasyEventPlanning.com or call 877-337-5261 x19.

Rate Of Pay: unpaid