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Possible Internship.
Date inactive: 8/1/2013

Job Title: Sports Journalist Employer Name: The Sports Column. The Sports Column is an equal opportunity sports column. Address: 18 boulder court. cockeysville, MD, 21030

Phone Number: 443-987-2110. sports@thesportscol.com. www.thesportscol.com
Andrew Cerino, Social Media Manager

Job Description: Have you ever had the desire or dream to write about sports whether its about your favorite team, player, or a specific sport? Well at The Sports Column we are happy to make your dreams come true. We are looking for columnists who want to write about sports and have a passion for sports. There are no qualifications for posting an article for we are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SPORTS COLUMN. The ability to gain recognition and a point of reference for future endeavors in the sports world The Sports Column is a collection of columnists (from different sports and media backgrounds), who want to voice their own opinions on whatever sports topic they see fit. There are no deadlines, no assignments, meaning the columnists write what they want, when they want. The more articles you submit, the more recognized you become in the sports journalism world. At The Sports Column we recognize all regular columnists with their own individual page and bio.

Job Location: You Decide

How To Apply: Contact Us At: http://www.thesportscol.com/contact/

All Majors are welcome