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Agency Graphic Design Or Web Design Internship
Date inactive: 12/25/2013

Name Of Organization: 4c, Inc. Media

Address: 34407 DuPont Blvd, Frankford, DE 19945

Website: http://4cinc.com

Contact Person: Felecia BenZakan

email: felecia@4cinc.com

Phone: 302-566-5192

Spring / Summer /Fall

Description Of Internship: Interns will gain experience in the graphic design agency field by working directly under a senior designer on a number of client projects. 4C Media is a web design agency, which will allow students from a non web background to learn core concepts and fundamentals of web. Interns needing 150+ hour internships will have the opportunity to learn hand coding if they desire.

Qualifications: Graphic Design Majors, Photoshop and Illustrator skills are a must.

Application Procedures: Please email your portfolio and resume to felecia@4cinc.com

Rate Of Pay: Unpaid