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Marist in Manhattan Internship in Art, Fashion, Media
Fall Spring
Date inactive: 3/1/2013

Who should attend Marist in Manhattan?

  • Marist in Manhattan was created to give students a unique opportunity to work and study in New York. Students should attend if they have a strong career interest to succeed in the fields of media or fashion. The internship experience, combined with targeted online courses, provides the student an immersion experience in big city life.

Who is eligible for the Marist in Manhattan program?

  • Students who have completed 60 or more undergraduate credits with an earned GPA of 3.25 or above are eligible to apply.

How do interested students apply?

  • Interested students should fill out the application form appropriate to their career interest (Fashion or Media) and return it, with the $50 Application Fee, to Marist College. Non-Marist or visiting students should follow the mailing instructions on the Application Form. Current Marist students can seek out the internship directors in either the Communication or Fashion programs.

When is the application deadline?