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Creative Writing Internship
Date inactive: 11/26/2012

Name Of RequestingOrganization: Easy Event Planning

Address: 208 E Taylor Run Parkway
            Alexandria VA 22314

Website: easyeventplanning.com

Contact Person: Colleen Houck

email: internships@easyeventplanning.com

Phone: 877-337-5261 x19

Description Of Internship: Creative writing students have an unprecedented opportunity to build solid resume-building experience, while having their work published and visible on the web. EasyEventPlanning.com is the first true one-stop shop for event planning. For the first time, users can find planning tools, online invites, planning tips and ideas and the most extensive event vendor directory in the US (216K listings) under one roof. Events are planned primarily online these days and its imperative that youre familiar with the latest online planning tools in the industry. Please view the tour on our homepage www.EasyEventPlanning.com to get a better idea of what the site offers. Students will research and write several event & wedding planning articles that may be posted to the planning tips library at our site, our blog and/or article-sharing websites. You will learn how to do efficient research, organize information and present solid ideas using as few words possible critical if youre planning to pursue any type of work in the marketing or journalism fields or if youll ever be writing for the web. Its a fun topic to write about and youll learn about several areas of event planning (favor ideas for a baby shower, questions to ask a venue, do-it-yourself wedding dcor, money-saving tips for your summer bbq, etc).

Qualifications: Were looking for students who really want to take the opportunity to learn all they can. Students work from home, communicating with us via video conferencing, instant messaging, email and phone. There is a lot of scheduling flexibily. You must be seeking internship credit to apply. This is currently an unpaid internship.

Application Procedures: Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Colleen Houck at internships@EasyEventPlanning.com or call 877-337-5261 x19.

Rate Of Pay: Unpaid