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Hawk Institute for Space Science - Worcester County resident
Date inactive: 4/25/2013

Hawk Institute for Space Science is conducting an outreach program for residents of Worcester County.  Due to the fact that Worcester has one of the highest unemployment rates in Maryland, we believe it is imperative to assist the community through training, experience, and employment. 

Hawk is willing to assist any Worcester County resident through part time employment and training.  We offer 10 hours a week at $8 hr for minimum of 6 weeks. Class is held in Pocomoke, MD on Wed and Thurs. Other days and times are available on a case by case basis. This is paid training developed to assist Worcester residents with resume writing, interviewing, workplace etiquette, workplace expectations, etc…  We also have the associates conduct limited work assignments in support of Hawk operations. This is an ongoing program and we request resumes of interested candidates indefinitely.  We understand that as the program progresses many of our students/ part time employees will become placed in more progressive positions in industry. Please assist us in backfilling these openings. 

This is a great opportunity for students that need money while in school, are interested in building a resume prior to graduation with a reputable company but are not able to hold a full time position.  

We currently have 6 open positions to fill.  Please forward resume to: Bernice.merritt@hawkspace.org  In the subject of their email with resume attached, please write: “Worcester Outreach”