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Avery W Hall Insurance Agency, Inc
Fall Summer
Date inactive: 12/31/2013

Name Of Organization:

Avery W Hall Insurance Agency, Inc

Street Address: 308 East Main Street
Salisbury, MD 21801

Website: http://www.averyhall.com

Contact Person: Jill Long, HR

Phone: 410-742-5111

FAX: 410-742-5182

When Is Internship: Summer, Fall

Description Of Internship: Level: Internship -- Marketing, social media & branding Responsibilities -- This position is responsible for increasing our brand awareness, driving internet traffic, brand awareness, and increasing quote activity within an assigned territory. -- Utilize word of mouth marketing, Internet marketing, and Internet marketing techniques to increase traffic, brand awareness, and requests for insurance quotes. -- Leverage social networks to strengthen relationships with existing clients and increase the number of impressions on potential clients -- Utilize Blogging, SEO, social networking, and backlink building to raise our web presence and placement on web searches within the assigned territory. -- Increase the number of clients and prospects with offering on our "Partners Page" -- Raise awareness for multilingual services -- Integrate social web presence with office functions so it is streamlined, optimized and consistent -- other marketing activities as assigned by manager

Qualifications: Knowledge and Skills Required -- Excellent written and oral communication skills -- Strong understanding of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, video production, online community building and blogging for Search Engine Optimization -- Solid Understanding of the internet and social media best practices -- Fearless attitude towards technology and a willingness to learn

Application Procedures:Email: Jlong@averyhall.com please include THE URL to your personal facebook page or other web page(s) you have created

Rate Of Pay:Unpaid