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Marketing, organic Foods
Spring Summer
Date inactive:

The Good Farm - Internship.  Description:  A small specialty farm growing organically for local restaurants and health food stores.  We enjoy a great rapport with the chefs and owners that we grow for.  Specialty grows are offered to select customers in order to strengthen the buying-selling relationship.  We would like to expand in other directions, including but not limited to home delivery, market sales, and CSA development.  The business is looking to grow itself in a bio-dynamic agri-tourism direction, offering "alternative eco-friendly vacationing" within the next three years.  New marketing opportunities are limited only by ones imagination.  Our growth potential is unlimited.

Contact: Christie McDowell. 
Email Address:  thegoodfarm@gmail.com.  Phone:  410-713-8803

Compensation Type:  Unpaid

Address:  9737 Timonstown Road
 Berlin, Maryland      21811
 United States of America