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Americas Unofficial Ambassadors. 2013 Summer Service Internship Program
Date inactive: 5/1/2013

 America’s Unofficial Ambassadors. 2013 Summer Service Internship Program.   

Volunteer with AUA’s 2013 summer service internship programs! Make a difference, represent America and gain hands-on professional experience in Indonesia, Morocco or Zanzibar.

This summer, America’s Unofficial Ambassadors will launch service internship programs in the Muslim World that offer unique opportunities for students to develop their professional skills; learn Arabic, Bahasa, or Swahili; and refine their career interests. Internship placements include schools and community-based organizations serving vital human development needs at the grassroots level in Indonesia, Morocco, and Zanzibar. Students will serve full-time for 6 weeks, teaching English, building youth leadership, or assisting community-led projects.


Serving as an Unofficial Ambassador —


Unofficial Ambassadors provide support to schools and NGOs working to improve their communities in the Muslim World. Summer 2013 volunteer opportunities include:  

About AUA —

AUA is a citizen diplomacy initiative of Creative Learning, a Washington DC-based not-for-profit organization that specializes in building people-to-people partnerships that empower marginalized communities. The AUA initiative is increasing the number of Americans who volunteer on a short-term basis in the Muslim World and build mutual understanding through the creation of people-to-people partnerships. For more information, including possibilities to earn academic credit, visit www.unofficialambassadors.org or contact StefanC@creativelearning.org. 


Teaching English and basic computer skills to students

Designing websites and supporting NGOs with their social media and outreach  

Producing video documentaries on human rights, education and environmental initiatives  

Researching and writing proposals and reports for NGOs

America’s Unofficial Ambassadors

Creative Learning, Inc.

5301 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 550, Washington, DC 20015

www.unofficialambassadors.com, www.CreativeLearning.org ,

on Facebook & Twitter @AUAVolunteer.  

In the process, they will form the type of people-to-people partnerships that are the future of international relations, and specifically America’s relationship with the Muslim World. Serving as an Unofficial Ambassador and then bringing the experience home at the community level will put students in the vanguard of a new generation of citizen diplomats.


In addition to volunteering full-time, our service interns study languages at local universities and learn about the culture and history of their host countries. They share their experiences through blogs and when they return home, they give presentations in their communities.