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Media Specialist
Date inactive: 8/1/2013

Description:  Works directly with Public Relations Committee as primary developer of media materials - video, pamphlets, power point presenttions. Approval of materials must be obtained from Public Relations Committee with final approval of the Board of Directors. Will provide an opportunity to gain practical and professional experience. Knowledge of development of video program and public awareness materials.
Contact: Rose Carey

Status:  Part-time

Job Locations: Salisbury, Maryland

Compensation Type:  Unpaid

Compensation Details/Other Benefits:  Flexible Schedule

Job Experience Requirements:  6 Months to 1 Year Experience

There are no required qualifications for this position.
 The following qualifications are desired: Degree: DNP

Major:  Undeclared (undergraduate)

GPA:  3.60

Cover Letter Required:  Yes

Other Requested Materials:  Resume

Application Method: Online (eRecruiting) - email applications as received

Employer will make application decisions: Offline

Email to Receive Applications:  rfcarey@hollycommunity.org