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Research Assistant (Hourly Position - No GA Benefits)
Fall Spring

Date inactive: 12/14/2012

Research Assistant

Employing Department Location: Batya Hyman, Social Work Department

Job Description:  his is a study of social work students’ attitudes and competencies regarding culturally competent practice. Data has already been collected, entered, and cleaned.  Analyze quantitative data using SPSS statistical program. Gather existing research literature in support of key findings.  Analyze qualitative data from focus groups conducted by lead researcher. Possibility of collecting a second wave of data during spring 2013 semester.

Hours Needed:  Up to 80 hours in total.  Will only consider graduate students.  To begin immediately.  Schedule is flexible.

Salary:  $10 per hour for a graduate student in any major.

Application Procedure:  Submit resume, contact information for at least one academic/work reference, and evidence of experience with SPSS statistical analysis package to Dr. Batya Hyman at bxhyman@salisbury.edu or TETC 254 J.