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Business GA - Research Assistant

Date inactive: 5/16/2013

Employing Department: BEACON

Contact: Sarah Bunch


Job Title:
Business GA-Research Assistant

Job Description:
Graduate Assistants at BEACON will be assigned to one or more of BEACONs ongoing grants and sponsored research projects, and/or to one of the five BEACON initiatives. Graduate Assistants will have at least one project/initiative for which they are the team leader. They will be required to engage in Project Management and Team Management Tasks, conduct primary and secondary research, become proficient in at least two of the advanced software platforms used by BEACON, be responsible for all computational analysis for the projects they are assigned, generate reports, meet with clients, and make client and public presentations. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Statistical Analysis, and graduate level business functional area (accounting, finance, management, marketing, information systems, and economics) is required. Foreign Language competency is preferred.

Location: BEACON - Perdue Hall

Hours Per Week: 20

How To Apply: Send resume with references and cover letter to

Majors Required: All business majors.