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There are several office manners that need to be addressed in the higher education environment.  If you want your office to be courteous and professional, the following items should be brought to the student workers' attention.  Manners and behaviors students should not exhibit:

Inappropriate Welcome
Failure to greet someone, weak or no handshake, failure to introduce that person to your supervisor if the situation calls for it
Poor Listening
Not paying attention to a student/employer/alumni who needs assistance, talking while they are speaking, asking a question just covered by the person
Poor Dress and Grooming
Sloppy appearance, gym or unclean clothing, revealing clothes.  You should be clear as to what your expectations are concerning dress in your office.  Do this at the beginning of the semester so there is no confusion.
Poor Telephone Behavior
Not returning calls, eating while on the phone, slamming the phone down, long hold times, load talking or belligerent tone, leaving the cell phone on, talking on the cell phone, etc.
Inconsiderate of Office Space
Leaving a mess out in office, leaving dirty coffee mugs in rooms, leaving stapler or copier empty after using the last of the staples or paper, leaving the copier jammed
Inappropriate Behavior while Working
Scratching, flossing teeth, yawning or coughing with mouth uncovered, playing with hair, putting on makeup, cleaning fingernails, etc.
Disregard of Others Time
Interrupting people at work, keeping people waiting, not showing up for your scheduled work time.
Reading others faxes, email, computer screen, or mail

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