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Occupation and Employment Data Using External Sources:

Accounting Surveys/Accreditation Information - back to top

Accounting Employers Accreditation Information: (AACSB)- Dr. Ken Smith

Fall 2012-On-Campus Accounting Firms Ranking of SU Students-both individually and total

  • Click here to view both individual and overall student ratings on their on-campus interviews-use tabs on bottom for each survey

  • Click here to view employment data acquired from the Career Services Graduation Survey

Meet the Firms Data:  (began in fall 2012-with Perdue School)

Employer Satisfaction Data:

Standard 33-Accounting Student Placement:

AACSB 2011-2012 Accreditation Information:

Click HERE (PDF) or HERE (Word) to View All Accounting Firms that have Recruited at SU and are in the SU Career Connections Management System

Accounting Employers Who Have Conducted On-Campus Interviews at SU-2006-2010:

Accounting Survey Information: (IMA)

Institute of Management Accountants Survey of Accounting Employers for Feedback on Interviews, Resumes, etc.

  1. Accounting Firms Survey for Resume, Interviews, Quotes, etc. - Spring 2011 for Institute of Management Accountants (not completed)
  2. Accounting Firms Survey for Resume, Interviews, Quotes, etc. - Fall 2009 for Institute of Management Accountants

Career Services Data

Annual Report Data:  back to top

Comparison of Activities:

Commuter Students Services Survey Data

Compass Data Information

  • Click here for January 2014 to November 17, 2014 summary data

Education Portfolio Survey Data- back to top

Employer Survey Data- back to top

(The following employer surveys gives employers responses to what they are looking for in various career-related topics such as resumes, interviewing, etc.)

Employer "Check-Out" Evaluations of Students Conducting On-Campus Interviews-back to top

Employer Summary Ratings of SU Students During Their On-Campus Interviews back to top

  1. 2009 and 2010 Summary Ratings
  2. Spring 2009 Summary Ratings
  3. Fall 2008 Summary Ratings
  4. 2005 Summary Ratings

*2006 and 2007 not located

Employer Updates in Career Connections- back to top

  • 2012-June-112 Employers Registered to Provide Services to Career Services (speak in classes, workshop presenters, etc.)

Employer Evaluations - Student On-Campus Interviews- back to top

Student Satisfaction with Staff/Services Survey Data- back to top

Job Fair Data- back to top

Student Satisfaction Data: (All Students)

Student Satisfaction Data: (Career Class)

Student/Employer Attendance Data:











General Job Fair Comparisons of Student, Employer and Sponsorship Data:

Employer Satisfaction Data:

Maryland Career Consortium (MCC) Job Fair:

SLAC Virtual Job Fair:

Meet the Firms Data:  (began in fall 2012-with Perdue School)

Employer/Student Attandance Data:

Click here to view the Fall 2015 Meet the Firms attendance data

Click here for comparison of data 2012-14

Employer Satisfaction Data:

Majors/Minors Fairs: (began fall 2012)- back to top
Attendance Data:

Faculty Satisfaction Survey Data- back to top

Class Data LLC Explorers and Job Search Classes- back to top

Job Search Class
Pre and Post Tests:



Class Evaluations:

Class Interest Surveys:


Living Learning Exploratory Class
Student Evaluations of Class:

Graduation Data-6 Month Out First Destination Survey- back to top



Workshop Evaluations- back to top

Satisfaction Survey:

Fashion Show Data- back to top

Focus Career Assessment Data- back to top

Career Services Staff Size Data- back to top

Mentor Network Data- back to top

  • 510 active Mentors as of August 1, 2008
  • 95 new Mentors added from August 1, 2007 to August 1, 2008
  • 784 active Mentors as of August 1, 2009
  • 274 new Mentors added from August 1, 2008 to August 1, 2009 (invited various classes from First Destination Survey)
  • 803 active Mentors as of September 17, 2010
  • June 2011 moved Mentor Database from Career Connections to "Career Connections" which was built by Scottt Bassford.

Career Connections Account and Resume Usage Data- back to top

Monthly Appointment Data- back to top

Online Appointment System Data- back to top

Text Messaging System Data- back to top

Satellite Resume Reviews

Fall 2011

  • 1. September 19th, Perdue Rm 151 1-2:50 p.m.-14 students
    2. October 17th, Henson Lobby, 2-4 p.m.-4 students
    3. November 2nd, Fulton Main Lobby, 2-4 p.m.-3 students
    4. November 29th, TETC 176 Lounge, 2-4 p.m. - 9 students

Spring 2011

  • April 17th-Tuesday-2-4 PM-TETC Computer Lab-16 students

SLAC Consortium Employer Site Visit Summaries- back to top

Other Surveys- back to top

Occupation and Employment Data

Employment Trends & Data- back to top



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Job Outlook & Salary Reports- back to top

Teacher Education Data- back to top

Salary Data- back to top

To get reports needed from Survey Monkey:

  1. For closed ended, multiple choice select Summary Report and then PDF file format
  2. For open-ended questions select Summary Report and then Spreadsheet format
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