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Occupation and Employment Data Using External Sources:

Accounting Surveys/Accreditation Information - back to top

Accounting Employers Accreditation Information: (AACSB)- Dr. Ken Smith

Fall 2012-On-Campus Accounting Firms Ranking of SU Students-both individually and total

  • Click here to view both individual and overall student ratings on their on-campus interviews-use tabs on bottom for each survey

  • Click here to view employment data acquired from the Career Services Graduation Survey

Meet the Firms Data:  (began in fall 2012-with Perdue School)

Employer Satisfaction Data:


Standard 33-Accounting Student Placement:

AACSB 2011-2012 Accreditation Information:

Click HERE (PDF) or HERE (Word) to View All Accounting Firms that have Recruited at SU and are in the SU eRecruiting Management System

Accounting Employers Who Have Conducted On-Campus Interviews at SU-2006-2010:

Accounting Survey Information: (IMA)

Institute of Management Accountants Survey of Accounting Employers for Feedback on Interviews, Resumes, etc.

  1. Accounting Firms Survey for Resume, Interviews, Quotes, etc. - Spring 2011 for Institute of Management Accountants (not completed)
  2. Accounting Firms Survey for Resume, Interviews, Quotes, etc. - Fall 2009 for Institute of Management Accountants


Career Services Data

Annual Report Data:  back to top

Commuter Students Services Survey Data

Education Portfolio Survey Data- back to top

Employer Survey Data- back to top

(The following employer surveys gives employers responses to what they are looking for in various career-related topics such as resumes, interviewing, etc.)

Employer "Check-Out" Evaluations of Students Conducting On-Campus Interviews- back to top

Employer Summary Ratings of SU Students During Their On-Campus Interviews back to top

  1. 2009 and 2010 Summary Ratings
  2. Spring 2009 Summary Ratings
  3. Fall 2008 Summary Ratings
  4. 2005 Summary Ratings

*2006 and 2007 not located

Employer Updates in eRecruiting- back to top

  • 2012-June-112 Employers Registered to Provide Services to Career Services (speak in classes, workshop presenters, etc.)

Employer Evaluations - Student On-Campus Interviews- back to top

Student Satisfaction with Staff/Services Survey Data- back to top

Job Fair Data- back to top

Student Satisfaction Data: (All Students)

Student Satisfaction Data: (Career Class)

Student/Employer Attendance Data:










General Job Fair Comparisons of Student, Employer and Sponsorship Data:

Employer Satisfaction Data:

Maryland Career Consortium (MCC) Job Fair:

SLAC Virtual Job Fair:


Meet the Firms Data:  (began in fall 2012-with Perdue School)

Employer Satisfaction Data:

* Click here for comparison of data 2012-14


Majors/Minors Fairs: (began fall 2012)- back to top
Attendance Data:

Faculty Satisfaction Survey Data- back to top

Class Data LLC Explorers and Job Search Classes- back to top

Job Search Class
Pre and Post Tests:



Class Evaluations:

Class Interest Surveys:


Living Learning Exploratory Class
Student Evaluations of Class:

Graduation Data-6 Month Out First Destination Survey- back to top


2014: Not administered until Nov. 2014

  • Fall 2014 6 Months Beyond Graduation Survey (Nov, 2014-6 months from initial "First Destination Survey given when students graduate)

Workshop Evaluations- back to top

Satisfaction Survey:

Fashion Show Data- back to top

Focus Career Assessment Data- back to top

Career Services Staff Size Data- back to top

Mentor Network Data- back to top

  • 510 active Mentors as of August 1, 2008
  • 95 new Mentors added from August 1, 2007 to August 1, 2008
  • 784 active Mentors as of August 1, 2009
  • 274 new Mentors added from August 1, 2008 to August 1, 2009 (invited various classes from First Destination Survey)
  • 803 active Mentors as of September 17, 2010
  • June 2011 moved Mentor Database from eRecruiting to "Career Connections" which was built by Scottt Bassford.

eRecruiting Account and Resume Usage Data- back to top

Monthly Appointment Data- back to top

Online Appointment System Data- back to top

Text Messaging System Data- back to top

Satellite Resume Reviews

Fall 2011

  • 1. September 19th, Perdue Rm 151 1-2:50 p.m.-14 students
    2. October 17th, Henson Lobby, 2-4 p.m.-4 students
    3. November 2nd, Fulton Main Lobby, 2-4 p.m.-3 students
    4. November 29th, TETC 176 Lounge, 2-4 p.m. - 9 students

Spring 2011

  • April 17th-Tuesday-2-4 PM-TETC Computer Lab-16 students

SLAC Consortium Employer Site Visit Summaries- back to top

Other Surveys- back to top

Occupation and Employment Data

Employment Trends & Data- back to top



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Job Outlook & Salary Reports- back to top

Teacher Education Data- back to top

Salary Data- back to top

To get reports needed from Survey Monkey:

  1. For closed ended, multiple choice select Summary Report and then PDF file format
  2. For open-ended questions select Summary Report and then Spreadsheet format




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