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  • For those employers who have an account with their username and password already assigned, click here to enter.

The Salisbury University Career Center can help you recruit and engage students using our career management system called Career Connections.  Career Connections gives you the opportunity to post jobs and fill internships, list part-time or full-time positions. Career Connections enables you to review resumes of students matching your employment criteria. When your company has an opening for full-time or part-time employment, an internship, or a seasonal job, contact our staff to post the opportunity on our web site. Many Salisbury University students and alumni visit the web site for career planning information.

Employer Career Connections login (Create an account or log in again.)

  • Create a new account by clicking here.
  • After you create your account you will then be placed in our "Holding Bin" which is an electronic holding place that gives us the opportunity to research your employer
  • You will then receive an email that you have been accepted or rejected
  • If accepted you can then go into the system and finish your profile, post jobs or internships, explore resumes and more.

Career Connections Service Levels
While access through Career Connections is free, users may upgrade your service and receive additional functionality. All fees are to be negotiated directly with Here's a brief overview of the Career Connections products from

Comparison of Service Levels

  • Career Connections -This free service allows you to have a single interface to coordinate all your postings, resumes searches, and on-campus interviewing. You will still need your school-provided usernames and passwords. Pricing Free
  • Career Connections Pro -You can discard the school-usernames and passwords once you link and use only your master account login. This service also provides recruiting effectiveness metrics. charges a per-school fee for this service. Multiple school pricing is available.
  • Experience Network-This service allows you to post jobs to over 500 schools in's network. You may also target specific regions of the country. Charged by posting; packages are available.

To Access Career Connections:

1.   Go here to login- - You will then land on a page that gives you MANY options such as that include:
“Proactive Post” which starts the steps for you to recruit at many schools. This option will cost money.
• If you wish to post ONLY to Salisbury University you will see a link on the above page that says “Manage My Schools” on the far right side of the page. You should see SU as one of the options. Click on that option if you only wish to post with SU and you not want to pay to post to many schools.

2.   If you select “Manage My Schools-Salisbury University” you will arrive at the SU employer page that has three options: Jobs-School Calendar-Resume Books

3.   Use the “Jobs” link to look at current jobs you have and to post new jobs - Use the “School Calendar” link to view all the events happening within our office - Use the “Resume Book” link to view student resumes by major and you also have the ability to communicate with the selected students

4.   The rest is simply follow the steps!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Career Connections for Employers
Is Career Connections only for advertising full-time positions?
No. Career Connections can be used to advertise all types of job opportunities, including part-time positions and internship opportunities.
Are there any costs associated with using Career Connections?
No. SU University’s Career Center offers Career Connections to employers at no cost.
Does Career Connections offer a way to connect with experienced employment candidates?
Yes. Career Connections is available for use by both Salisbury University students and alumni.
Is Career Connections available to employers all year round?
Yes. Students, alumni, and employers have access to the system 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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