Resumes for Graduate Students

Click on your degree below.  You will see one or two sample of resumes that have been critiqued by our office and have been approved.  These samples are actually SU graduate student resumes.  Being able to view a resume in your area is very helpful because it is so relevant to you and possibly your career aspirations.


Sample Resumes-Masters Programs:

*Applied Biology (M.S.)
*Applied Health Physiology (M.S.)
*CADR (M.A.)
Counseling (M.A.)
*Education (M.Ed.)-Post Secondary
*Education (M.Ed.)-Post Secondary
*Education (M.Ed.)-Post Secondary
*Education (M.Ed.)-Curriculum and Instruction
*Education (M.Ed.)-Early Childhood Education
Computer and Info Systems Science (M.S.)
* English (M.A.)
*GIS Management (M.S.)
*History   (M.A.)
*Mathematics Education (M.S.M.E.)
*Business Administration (M.B.A.)
*Nursing (M.S.)
*Social Work (M.S.W.)
*Social Work (M.S.W.)
*Teaching (M.A.T.)

Doctoral Programs:
*Education (Ed.D.)
*Nursing (D.N.P.)   

* Resumes from SU students in that program or graduated from that program.