Should You Include Your Personal Website on Your Resume?

Listing your personal web site URL on your resume: Should you do it? An unfortunate common error on resumes is the inclusion of the URL of a personal web site that contains inappropriate content. This is a quick way to let employers know you lack judgment or maturity.

On this page see: don't include... and you may include....

Use our Career Counseling Services to ask a career advisor to review your web site for appropriate content.

DON'T INCLUDE a reference to a web site that contains:

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  • Photos of yourself that are not business appropriate*. NO bathing suit photos, NO photos consuming alcohol, NO photos casually socializing with friends.
    *A caution about photos: Photos should never appear on a resume unless you're applying for an acting / theatrical position where appearance is a bona fide occupational qualification. Therefore the best approach is not to provide a photo in any form (on-line or otherwise) in connection with your job search. Employers are prohibited from making hiring decisions based on appearance or other factors not relevant to the job qualifications; therefore employers want to avoid seeking out information that is not appropriate to consider.
  • Jokes, animated or otherwise.
  • Cartoon characters doing inappropriate things. True story: student submits a resume listing web site URL. Web page contains animated character obstructing a SU logo. Student did not get an interview.
  • Nothing but your name - no other personal information. What's the point, other than to show that you don't know how to create a web page?

YOU MAY INCLUDE a reference to a web site that contains:

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  • A copy of your resume (redundant, perhaps, but appropriate if you keep your on-line version strictly up-to-date).
  • Copies of reference letters, certifications, or other documents that are relevant to your job search.
  • Academic or professional papers, abstracts, lists of professional papers, presentations, etc.
  • Writing samples, if appropriate to the positions you are seeking.
  • Items that might appear in a portfolio.
  • Photos you've taken, or photos of artwork or other creative projects that are relevant to your being considered for a job. Be aware of load time on graphic images; if it takes too long to load, no one's going to see it.
  • Samples of your web development work, if the content and skills displayed are appropriate to the positions you are seeking.