Assignment Due

-Below is a list of assignments and activities that have point totals assigned to them.  Your grade comes from these assignments/activities and their point totals. 

1.  Famous People Majors Exercise-5 pts

2.  Cell Phone Activity-5 pts.

3. "Road Trip Nation"-10 pts

4. Dream Road Trip-5 pts

5.  Dream Job Reaction Paper-10 pts

6. Trust Building Exercise-5 pts-

7. "Useful Facts"-5 pts.

8. O*Net Majors-5 pts.

9. Majors and Minors Fair-10 pts

10  RIASEC Class Roster Codes-20 pts

11.  My Next Move Interest Inventory-10 pts

12. "Real People Cool Careers Volume1-25 pts

13. RIASEC Video Questions-15 pts

14. Focus-25 pts

15. Focus vs. My Next Move-5 pts

16. The Strong Interest Inventory-25 pts.

17. Academic Checklists of Your Top Two Majors-10 pts

18. SU Majors/Holland Codes-10 pts

19. Final Project-30 pts


240 total # points possible

210 Possible prior to final project

Grading Scale Prior to Final Project-210 points possible:
125 and below-F

Final Grading Scale Prior which includes Final Project-240 points possible:
143 and below=F