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Start Time: 12:00
End Time: 04:00
Weekday(s): Wednesday
Start Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017
End Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

» The Fall 2017 General Job/Internship Fair

<p>The Fall 2017 General Job/Internship Fair<br />Time:&nbsp; 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM<br />Location: Maggs Physical Activities Center</p> <p>*Ensure time to meet with the employers, about an hour between is usually enough time to connect with employers at the Fair--Always good to come early! &nbsp;<br />*Review the list of almost 100+ participants and identify who you want to talk to.&nbsp; Research that employer by reading their website. <br />*Have your resume ready!&nbsp; Remember to have your resume looked at on Thursdays (walk-in Day)<br />*Select clean and pressed clothes.&nbsp; Professional business attire is best for seniors.&nbsp; Business casual will suffice for others less serious. &nbsp;<br />*Practice your handshake-firm with confident eye contact.<br />*Ready your elevator pitch.&nbsp; Make a powerful first impression with a thought-through 30 second pitch. Professional attire is encouraged, and be sure to bring plenty of copies of your resume.<br />For the list of employers attending:<br />--log into your Career Connections account <br />--Select Career Events and click on the event <br />--you&rsquo;ll see a button that has the list of employers attending&mdash;View Employers Attending.<br />--from there you'll be able to click on each one and do a bit a background research.</p>