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Marketing Your Experience: Athletic Skill

Oftentimes athletes neglect to mention skills they have developed during their college athletic career. However, many managers are eager and interested in knowing about how athletics have developed your professional skills. Think about incorporating the following qualities into your resume:

  • Commitment: The length of time you have played a sport directly relates to your ability to persevere through hardships. Employers are constantly searching for employees who embody dedication and stalwart work ethic; mention how your passion for the game can be translated into your desired field of work.
  • Teamwork: Undoubtedly, this is one of most universal qualities employers search for. Being able to work as part of a team demonstrates adaptability, self-sacrifice, role development, and the ability to cultivate and maintain interpersonal relationships
  • Leadership: If you were a captain, this quality is easier to emphasize. However, the dynamic of every team allows individuals to “lead” in a variety of ways. Perhaps, you lead by example, were used as a “spark” in big game situations, or helped new players adapt to team customs and college life.

AthleteOn the Resume

It goes without saying that you have become quite skilled at whatever sport you committed to in your college career. However, as a student-athlete you must also recognized that your sport instilled professional mannerisms in you as well. By utilizing examples, on the resume and in the interview, to elaborate on any of the following characteristics, you increase your attractiveness as a future employee.

  • Time Management: The art of juggling various responsibilities
  • Performance Under Pressure: Conveys steadfastness and Determination
  • Personal Goal Setting: Displays foresight, commitment, and the
    maximization of one’s potential


Since coaches and players typically develop a personal as well as a professional relationship, athletes are encouraged to cite their coach as a reference to their maturity and growth as an individual over the length of their relationship.

Athletic Action Verbs

Accomplished, achieved, assisted, awarded, built, cooperated, developed, fostered, improved, implemented, organized, overcame, managed, practiced, played, prepared, provided, realized, represented, recognized, shared

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