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Strength and Conditioning Coach Interview Sample Questions


Sample Interview Questions

Not every interviewer will ask you every one of these questions. However, if you are prepared to address these questions, you will leave the impression that you were prepared for your job interview, even if additional questions take you by surprise.

What’s your coaching philosophy?
Why did you decide to get into strength & conditioning?
Why are you interested/would like to work here? Would you be a good fit here? Why?
What do you know about the University of _________?
What would you do with the __________ team?
What would your highest priorities be with the ___________ team?
How do you handle the regulation or rules and expectations?
How would you handle a repeatedly non-compliant athlete?
What are the philosophies that drive your program design?
How do you build mental toughness in athletes?
What’s your philosophy on nutrition counseling?
How would you work with a ________ team and a _________ team differently(compare and contrast)?
How would you handle speed and agility training with a __________ team versus a _________ team(compare and contrast)?
How do you motivate the athletes?
How important is it for you to attend practices and games/competitions and why?
Why do you think the __________ program/team where you worked is so successful?
What do you feel makes a strength & conditioning coaching staff most successful?
How would you approach/do speed and agility training with the ________ team?
What is your training philosophy and personality?
How do you interact with coaches in regards to your program?
How do you handle over-bearing coaches?
What are your goals in the field of strength & conditioning?
Where do you see yourself in 2-3, 5, 10 years?
What do you want your team’s perception of the weight room to be?
What would sport coaches you have worked with say about you?
How would you handle an injured athlete?
What can you bring to our program?
What are your biggest strengths/weaknesses as a coach?

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