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Medical Laboratory Interview Questions

image1.  Describe your computer applications experience, specifically with regards to word processing, text editing, e-mail and data management with the use of spreadsheets and databases. What programs have you used and in what capacity?

2.  Have you had a job where you had to meet strict deadlines? What percentage of those deadlines were you able to meet? What were the contributing factors in them not being met?

3.  What do you consider when organizing your work?

4. Describe a past situation in which you worked as a member of a team? What was your role in the team?

5. With respect to your interpersonal skills, describe the nature and frequency of interactions in your previous positions and with whom you interacted.

6. How would you solve any personal conflicts with co-workers?

7. We've gone over the essential functions and expectations for this position, with or without employment accommodation; do you perceive of any difficulties meeting these expectations? (I.e., Can you maneuver objects weighing 40-lbs. from the dock to the boat? Can you use hand tools to make simple repairs/adjustments to the equipment?

8. Describe your previous job experience relevant to this position

9. Describe experience with the following techniques:
iodinating proteins
cell cultures
RNA isolation and measurements
protein assays
running radioimmunoassays and radioreceptor assays
fixing, embedding and sectioning tissue samples for regular histology and

10. This job requires working with radioisotopes and carcinogens. Please describe your experience working with these, and the methods used for safe handling. Does working with these present any difficulties for you?

11. Much of this work is done independently in a room away from the main lab and you would be working alone for several hours. Can you give an example of working in this type of environment and whether or not this would present any difficulties?

12. Give an example or two of the types of repetitive tasks you've had to perform, how often you performed them and how you ensured a high level of accuracy while doing repetitive tasks.

13. Describe the level of supervision you've received in the past and the type of work you did independently.

14. Can you describe a situation you've encountered in dealing with conflict in the work place? How did you handle the conflict?

15. Can you give an example of a change in procedures, or priorities you had to make?
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