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SEPTEMBER 2014_____________________________________________________ 

• 9/16/14 - Resumes--A One Page Marketing Tool
Time: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM-Location: GUC 133, Career Services Classroom

• 9/22/14 - How to Make the Most of a Job Fair
Time: 4-4:45 PM-Location: Career Services Enterprise Classroom, Room 133 GUC-Beside Cool Beans

• Fall Meet the Firms Fair
Tuesday, September 23, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Meet the Firms Job Fair
Location: First Floor Perdue Building

• Fall General Job and Internship Fair
Wednesday, September 24, 2014. Noon-4:00p.m.
Location: Wicomico Room in the Guerrieri University Center

OCTOBER 2014_______________________________________________________ 

• 10/7/14 - Writing A Cover Letter--The Art of Marketing in 4 Paragraphs
Time: 5:00 PM 6:00 PM-Location: GUC 133, The Enterprise Classroom in Career Services (GUC 133)

• 10/20/14 - Interviewing with Impact Workshop
Time: 4-4:45 PM-Location: Career Services Enterprise Classroom, Room 133 GUC-Beside Cool Beans

NOVEMBER 2014________________________________________________

• 11/4/14 - How to Market a Study Abroad Experience
Time: 5:00 to 6:00-
Location: Career Services Enterprise Classroom, Room 133 GUC-Beside Cool Beans


• 12/9/14 - Job Search Boot Camp Workshop
Time: 4-4:45 PM-Location: Career Services Enterprise Classroom, Room 133 GUC-Beside Cool Beans

CLASSES BELOW (only for students enrolled in the class)

SEPTEMBER 2014_____________________________________________________ 
• What: Using Study Abroad Experience for Employment
Topic:  How real world travel aboard experiences can be used with employers
Date/Time: Sept. 2nd-6 pm
Faculty:  Noel Havashy
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

• What: Pemberton Student Interns
Topic:  Resumes/Job Search Process
Date/Time: Sept. 10th 4-45 PM
Faculty:   Pamela Lipka -
Location: Pemberton Elementary School
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

• What: Fruitland Primary Student Teachers-Elementary teachers
Date/Time: September 11, 4:30-5:30 PM
-get a realistic view of what the job market looks like/where on SU's website can they find opportunities for jobs
-how to make themselves stand out for a possible job
-building their resume - examples of good ones
-creating a cover letter
Location: Career Classroom
Contact: Susie Jones/Heather Charlton
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

• What: Management 320 Class (30 students)
Date/Time: September 12, 10 am and 11 am (2 classes)
Faculty: Dr. Marvin (Mo) Brown
Topic: Resumes
Location: Career Services Classroom
Presenter:  Charlie Endicott

• What: Biology Seminar Class (30 students)
Date/Time: September 15, 4-4:50 PM
Faculty: Dr. Judith Stribling
Topic: Resumes, jobs, interviewing
Location: Career Center Classroom
Charlie Endicott

• What: Biology 418 Class (18 students)
Date/Time: September 16, 4-4:50 PM
Faculty: Dr. Mark Frana
Topic: Career Services Resources
Location: Career Center Classroom
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

• What: Environmental Studies Senior Seminar Class (30 students)
Date/Time: September 17, 2 PM
Faculty: Dr. Mike Lewis
Topic: How to write good resumes (they bring copies in with them, and are prepared with questions)-the resources of the Career services Center
Location: Career Services Classroom
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

• What: ABLE Meeting
Date/Time: September 18th-3:30-5 pm
Faculty: Dr. Tammy Donaway
Location: PH 156
Presenter: Crystal Dickerson
Agenda: (we will be assigned to a maroon or gold group)
3:15pm-3:30pm- students will report to PH 156
3:30pm-3:50pm- Opening Session (Welcome & instructions)
3:55pm-4:25pm-Break Out Session Maroon Group; Resource session for Gold Group
4:30pm-5pm- Break Out Session Gold Group; Resource session for Maroon Group

• What: Fundamentals of Organization Class-LLC
Date/Time: September 19th- 9 am/10 am/ 11 am -3 classes (24 per class)
Faculty: Dr. Amanda Welch
Topic: Resumes, job fair, minors
Location: Career Center Classroom
Presenter:  Aaron Basko
-9 and 10 am classes/Charlie Endicott 11 am class

• What: Social Media Marketing Class-Speed Branding-2 classes
Date/Time: September 22th from 9-10:15 and / 10:30-11:45am
Faculty: Paula Morris
Topic:  Do 2-3 minute interviews
Location:  Wicomico Room
Presenter:  Charlie Endicott

OCTOBER 2014_______________________________________________________ 
• What: Psychology Panel Class
Date/Time: October 9th from 3:30-4:30 pm
Dr. Rhyannon Bemis
Topic:  Community panel to discuss jobs in psychology
Location:  Holloway Hall 114
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

• What: MGMT 320 (Resumes) MGMT 425 (Interviewing-Job Search) Classes
Date/Time: October 14th  at 9:30, 11:00, and 2:00 - 3 classes (30 students per class)
(2 MGMT 320 sections (Resume writing)are at 9:30 and 2:00. The one MGMT 425 (Job search/interviewing) section is at 11:00
Dr. Wayne Decker
Topic:  Resumes and Job Search/Interviewing
Career Services Enterprise Classroom, Room 133 GUC-Beside Cool Beans
-Aaron Basko -9:30 class-(resume writing-MGMT 320)
-Charlie Endicott- 11 am class-(Job search/interviewing- MGMT 425)
-Charlie Endicott- 2 pm classes-(resume writing-MGMT 320)

• What: Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communications Honor Society
Date/Time: October 14th from 7-8:00 pm
Student Contact:
Jade Lebrock-President, Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society
Topic: A joint panel with SUCIE and have Career Services discuss how juniors and seniors can use our resources. Create a 15-20 minute discussion.
Location:  TETC 378
Presenter:  Michelle Carter-SU Career Services GA

• What: Environmental Studies -History 102- Green Floor Class (17 freshmen)
Date/Time: Oct. 29th-4:30-5:20 PM-Wednesdays
Faculty Contact:
Dr. Bill Nelson
Topic: Career Services resources-internships and minors
Manokin classroom 007
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

NOVEMBER 2014________________________________________________
• What:  Management 320 Classes (2 classes)
Faculty:  Elwood "Woody" Miller
Date/Time: November 11th-First Class is 11:00- 12:15 followed by the second class 12:30-1:45.
Topic:  “Resume Preparation.”
Location: Career Classroom
Contact: Woody Miller
Presenter:  Aaron Basko

DECEMBER 2014________________________________________________


**Call Career Services at 410-543-6075 to Register. Registration is NOT mandatory but encouraged. Thank you!




-Click here for Management 320 Class  class
-Click here for Biology Seminar Class-September 15, 4-4:50 PM- Dr. Judith Stribling/Resumes, jobs, interviewing
-Click here for Dr. Welch's CMAT class

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