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Mr. Dailey's Class-Career Services Overview-Tuesday, Room 114 HH-7 pm

Give out tests (Return others to mailroom)

Interesting Fact to Remember-Quiz
Get out paper and pencils

1.  Average starting salary of graduating college students today is? (excluding engineering, computer science, etc.)
a.  $38,000
b.  $35,000
c.  $32,000
d.  $41,000

2.  Average time for a graduating senior to locate a job? 
a.  6 months
b.  3 months
c.  1 year
d.  2 months

3.  What is the  MAIN skill employers are looking for in graduating seniors?
a.  Diversity
b.  Vocal
c.  Interpersonal
d.  Communication

4.  What part of the United States is hiring the most college graduates?
a.  Southwest
b.  East
c.  Florida
d.  Northeast

5.  What is the most important thing you should be cautious of when emailing your resume to an employer?
a.  Make sure you send it to the right person
b.  Cut and paste your resume in the body of the email and attach it as well
c.  Spell all items correctly

6.  What is the number one place employers are looking for college graduate?
a.  Employee Referrals
b.  On-Campus Interviews
c.  Newspaper ads
d.  Career Fairs

7.  What attributes most influence an employers hiring decision when 2 candidates are really close?
a.  Leadership experience
b.  Extracurricular activities
c.  School attended
d.  Volunteer work

8.  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers of 2007, what degree is the most employable?
a.  Information Systems
b.  Psychology
c.  Geography
d.  Accounting

9.  Why do employers want to hire you?
a.  Honesty/Integrity
b.  Communication Skills
c.  Detail Oriented
d.  All of the above

10. The average starting salary for Communication majors is:
a.  $43,000
b.  $34,005
c.  $29,000
d.  $38,500

11.  College hiring is up by what % this spring?
a.  10%
b.  8%
c.  17%
d.  19%

How did you do? 
11 correct=100%-Fantastic-I would hire you on the spot!
10 correct=91%-Great job-I would give you a second interview!
9 correct=82%-You did well-I would want ask you more questions before I hire you!
8 correct=73%-You did ok-I would look have to think about bringing you back for a second interview!
7 correct=64%-I don't know about you!  No interview.
6 correct-55%-No way am I hiring you-Need career counseling.

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1.  b.  $35,000
2.  a.  6 months
3.  d.  communication
4.  a.  Southwest
5.  c.  Cut and paste your resume in the body of the email and attach it as well
6.  b.  On-campus Interviews
7.  a.  Leadership experience
8.  d.  accounting
9.  d.  All of the above
10. b.  $34,005
11. c.  17%




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