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-Dr. Stribling's Senior Biology Seminar Class
-9-15-2014 at 4 pm in the Career Services Enterprise Classroom
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-exchange them and comment
-Click here for resume page
-Click here for Do's-Don'ts-there are 24 items-take off 4 points for each item that is either no there or is wrong. Make note of it on their papers.  Total up # of wrong items and give them their grade based upon:
59 and below=F

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-Click here for resume quiz
-Objective Statement click here

Tell me if the following resumes are good or bad:

2014 Resume (given to me)


The classic Math Resume-Resume

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Is this a good or bad objective?Back to top
-“While I am open to any uses of my educational achievements, I am decidedly disposed that the task of the new career-related responsibility be so oriented as to at least partially address or configure and to ultimately lead to the application of more rarefied and challenging facets of financial management as the major sphere of the responsibility of the stated position.”










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